U.S. Corporate Media Cover up the Latest Pentagon Leaks

The leaking earlier this month of what have been alleged to be Pentagon documents exposing lies spread through the corporate media led to a frenzied search for the source of the leaks. Following “detective” work by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the British intelligence-linked Bellingcat, the alleged leaker was identified and captured. That he is a 21-year old National Guard member with intelligence clearance has raised many questions, such as how he got access to sensitive classified documents, and whether the documents are real, and not some kind of a false flag.

But as in other recent cases of disclosure of classified documents with national security implications, such as those via Edward Snowden and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, the mainstream media has moved aggressively to divert attention from the real issue, which is, if these documents are real, will anyone be held accountable for the crimes exposed by the leaks?

The documents on NATO’s war against Russia in Ukraine confirm what many already knew, or suspected. For example, that U.S. and NATO special forces are already deployed against Russia in Ukraine, and that despite the rosy picture painted by Western military officials of the expected “spring offensive” by Ukrainan forces, there are deep doubts among them that the Russian forces can actually be defeated or dislodged from captured territory in east Ukraine. Other documents show that the U.S. continues to conduct massive spy operations, including against allies, such as President Zelensky and his government officials, and against UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The attacks on whistleblowers are part of the “hybrid warfare” conducted by corporate media allied with defense, intelligence and security agencies, which is designed to protect the criminal activities of the latter. In an April 17 article in Consortium News, Elizabeth Vos reports on the zealous pursuit of the latest 21 year-old leaker with no regard for what the information exposed.

In the same vein, the New York Times offered a completely fabricated and now-discredited story to counter Seymour Hersh’s exposure of the Biden administration’s authorship of the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, while reporters from the mainstream press have failed to demand answers on the charges he made (cf. SAS 7-9/23). Hersh has now published another article on the corruption of the Zelensky regime, as well as the deployment of major U.S. military forces in Poland and Romania, and the danger they could be deployed into a direct U.S. confrontation with Russian forces, with nary a peep from media.

Meanwhile, Snowden remains in exile in Russia, while Assange is facing what is virtually a death sentence, held in solitary confinement in Great Britain, awaiting extradition to the U.S. Their crimes: telling the truth about the corrupt war machine of the U.S. and NATO.

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