Remembering the Hiroshima Bomb in Times of Nuclear Threat

The International Peace Coalition (IPC), an organization born out of an initiative by the Schiller Institute, is holding a demonstration worldwide on Aug. 6, the anniversary of the bomb dropped on  Hiroshima. The demonstration is intended to focus public attention on the red thread linking that totally unnecessary extermination to the current threat of nuclear war stemming from the confrontation between NATO and Russia-China. Ample historical documentation shows that the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unnecessary, as Japan was negotiating a surrender at the time, but were intended to intimidate the Soviet Union.

As we show in the articles below, although the continued proxy war in Ukraine is already lost, NATO keeps pouring more weapons into Ukraine, with the danger that this will escalate and get out of control. The British elite, the key string-puller behind the war, has revealed part of its worst nightmares, namely a change of power in the United States and a rapprochement between China and India, putting the last nail on the coffin of the unipolar world, or “rules-based world order”. This explains the frenzy around the war in Ukraine and the attacks, in the U.S., against two pre-candidates to the Presidency, Donald Trump (via multiple judicial persecutions) and Robert F. Kennedy, who is now targeted with slanders of anti-semitism (cf. below).

Time is not on Global NATO’s side, and not on their populations’ side either. The latest data on the economy show that the self-induced de-industrialization of Germany and of the EU is accelerating.(cf.below). The West is accusing Russia to hold back grain for starving populations in poor countries, but at the same time is destroying its own food production with Green Deal policies. The time is ripe to scrap such policies and go back to traditional agro-industrial development. Europe needs to break with NATO if it wants to survive, and cooperate with the Global South to develop Africa.

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