Germany: A Green Candidate Groomed in Davos Who Wants War

The anti-Russia, anti-China foreign policy promoted by the Chancellor candidate of the Green party, Annalena Baerbock, was exposed in our last issue. Other observers have also noted the confrontational nature of her policy platform. In an assessment for the Cicero monthly, retired General Erich Vad, a former government adviser, noted that the German Green Party’s call for a “qualified majority” to suffice for UN-mandated missions would lead to lowering conditions for such “peacemaking” mandates, making more military interventions possible.

The mere “human rights” conditionality plus the call for interventions to protect the climate, as posed by the Greens, would, in the absence of realistic objectives, lead to increased interventionism, and would in particular turn into a charter for increased German interventionism on a global scale, Gen. Vad warns.

Even stronger is a piece by Gert Ewen Ungar in an oped in RT Deutschland ( rechts-gerutscht-grunes-wahlprogramm/). He writes that the UNSC reform advocated by the Greens would open the way to aggression against Russia and China. “Russia and China run through the draft program like a red thread. They are the challenge identified, the great confrontation, the area of friction of the green foreign policy.” The Green Party pro- gram, he continues,‘breathes the spirit of a dark past’ into foreign policy. The reference to Nazism here is clear, as it is indirectly in the author’s conclusion that “a war on two fronts” always fails.

“What the Greens have written in their draft program is on the one hand absolutely naïve, on the other hand, absolutely dangerous in its naïveté. Whoever votes for the Greens votes for foreign policy ruthlessness and confrontation, which makes the European continent a venue for geopolitical conflicts, and votes for war. All of this emerges from the draft program. As
noted above, it is driven by a neo-imperial, neo-conservative spirit and an uncompromising belief in one’s own superiority. Nothing good for Europe comes from the Greens.”

It is not surprising that Annalena Baerbock was groomed for the job by the Davos elite. As exposed by Handelsblatt anti-establishment columnist Norbert Häring in his blog on April 20, Baerbock was trained in the Young Global Leaders program of the World Economic Forum, like hundreds of other young men and women who eventually took up leading positions in government and other institutions. None other than Angela Merkel, the first Chancellor to come from the former East Germany, was coopted into the first round of the program in 1992. Along with her “were future Spanish Prime Minister Aznar, future EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, future British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, as well as future French President Nicolas Sarkozy.” As Häring comments, “Either the Forum had a good nose for one’s ability to assert oneself, or the support of High Finance helps considerably to conquer top places in politics.”

Annalena Baerbock was coopted in 2020. The “elected” ones go through a five-year training program financed by a foundation and by corporate donors. In 2016, Emmanuel Macron, head Gregor Hackmack (Germany) and current German Health Minister Jens Spahn were among the “elected.”

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