German Greens Expose Themselves As Puppets on NATO Strings

Robert Habeck, the Co-Chairman of the German Green Party, proved once again, during his visit to Kiev on May 25, that the once anti-war, flower-power movement has moved resolutely into the camp of the war party. During his meeting with President Volodymr Zelensky, Habeck assured Ukrainian leaders that their request for NATO « defensive » weapons was justified to defend against Russia aggression, and has the support of the German Greens. (He also supported Ukraine’s entry into NATO, although not immediately.)

Faced with a flurry of protests over his remarks in Germany, including in the Green Party ranks, the Green leader defended his call for « defensive » weapon deliveries the next day, despite the fact that the party program explicitly rules out exports of arms to conflict zones.

As we reported, the chancellor candidate for the Greens, Annalena Baerbock, has openly outed herself as a staunch supporter of NATO and of the Atlanticist worldview, including in calls for a more aggressive stance against Russia and China (cf. SAS 17, 18, 20/21). Our readers will recall that the notorious Atlantic Council recently invited her as special guest at a virtual conference, after which it titled a report on her speech: “Annalena Baerbock’s message to America: She’s in sync with Biden”.

Although the German Greens have now become the party with the highest income levels, and probably with the greatest number of SUVs, the pro-Establishment turn of the movement is creating an uproar among parts of the base. In that context, the leadership could face hefty debates at the party convention, planned for June 11–13.

The BüSo (Civil Rights Movement Solidarity) is now circulating a leaftlet in Germany titled “The Greens Unmask Themselves as the Colonialist War Party”.

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