German Foreign Ministry: Geopolitics under the Guise of “Climate Protection”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has recruited none other the head of Greenpeace International, American national Jennifer Morgan, as her special envoy for international climate policy. Ms. Morgan has frequently taken part in the organization’s aggressive, high-profile campaigns, joining last year, for instance, 40 Greenpeace activists on kayaks, protesting against the Shell company’s oil drilling.

But she has also had an eminently political role, and is very well linked to the international financial elites. She represented Greenpeace at the World Economic Forum and at meetings of the UN Climate Change Conference, as well as in international media. (Baerbock, who was groomed in the “young global leader” program of the WEF, may have met Morgan there. Another alumnus of that program is current German Agricultural Minister Cem Ödzemir.)

This is the first time a non German has reached such a high position in German foreign affairs, noted Die Welt. Other observers warn that her long career as a lobbyist for the “environmentalist mafia” makes her unfit for a job in government, where she is supposed to represent the interests of Germany and its citizens on a diplomatic level.

Indeed, Jennifer Morgan’s appointment to the foreign ministry is a clear signal that Annalena Baerbock intends to to make the climate crisis the number one priority of German diplomacy. In that respect, she is expected to adopt a very aggressive approach toward countries that pursue different policies from those of Germany (most of the world) and toward those that export goods that are subject to the EU’s carbon border tax. The latter tariff will presumably also hit imports of natural gas from Russia, which the German Greens, the party co-headed until now by Baerbock, aim to decrease drastically.

Conflicts are also expected to harden with some of Germany’s immediate neighbors in Europe: with France over its nuclear energy policy, and with Poland and the Czech Republic over their intention to continue coal mining and to pursue nuclear power development.

The recruitment of Jennifer Morgan to such a high-level position in the foreign ministry coincides with aggressive actions by “climate protectors” on the ground in Germany itself. Operating under the name “Last Generation”, activists have blocked heavily used freeways in Berlin over the past few weeks, including a the A100, a main traffic artery of the city. The protesters demand bans on cars on city roads and the de facto return to farming methods used before the era of pesticides and insecticides.

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