“Whom the Gods Would Destroy”: Report on the Schiller Institute Conference

Political activists, together with scientists, economists, farmers, public health professionals, and retired military and intelligence officers came together in the June 26-27 International Schiller Institute Conference to analyze the existential crisis facing mankind today, and deliberate on the means required to mobilize the world behind a new paradigm, free of geopolitics and Malthusianism, and based on “peace through de velopment.” One after another, these “citizens of the world” expressed their appreciation of the efforts of the Schiller Institute and its founder and Chairwoman Helga Zepp LaRouche.

The conference was held under the banner “For the Common Good of All People, Not Rules Benefitting the Few.” Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche’s keynote speech was titled “Whom the Gods Would Destroy: War with Russia and China Is Worse Than MAD!” She noted the timely nature of this panel, since the British had just intervened a few days before to sabotage the small, but critical step forward achieved at the Biden-Putin Summit, where the two leaders re-affirmed the principle that “nuclear war cannot be won, and must never be fought” (cf. SAS 25/21) The intentional deployment of a British warship into Russian maritime territory, she declared, is another example of the British Empire’s effort to draw the U.S. into a military conflict with Russia, and demonstrates how easily a war –even a nuclear war –could be sparked by such evil actions.

Zepp-LaRouche went on to review the past half-century of efforts by Lyndon LaRouche and his political movement worldwide to end the Malthusian madness, posing solutions based on uniting the great nations and cultures of the world in a new world order based on the dignity of man, scientific cooperation and aesthetic education. Had her husband been listened to, she said, this unraveling global disaster would have been avoided, and it is still the case that any solution requires listening to the “wise words of Lyndon LaRouche.”
She repeatedly emphasized throughout the conference the concept behind the Committee on the Coincidence of Opposites, founded by herself and former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, that the building of modern public health facilities in every nation is not only necessary to end the pandemic, and prevent future pandemics, an issue for every person on Earth, but also forces a serious consideration of the other aspects of infrastructure required for modern health, including clean water, abundant energy, and modern means of transportation.

An Alternative to the Unipolar “Rules-Based Order”

Dr. Andrey Kortunov, the Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (the leading think tank associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), spoke after Zepp- LaRouche, on: “Has the Geneva Summit Changed Relations Between the U.S. and Russia?” He observed that expectations for the meeting were low, given the attacks on Russia from the U.S., including from within the Administration, but the agreement to jointly assert that nuclear war could not be won and must not be fought, and the agreement to set up highlevel discussions on arms control, cyber war, and other issues, were signs of hope for improved relations. Still, lasting progress will not be possible, he said, without new, innovative ideas, going beyond “conventional wisdom”, such as those discussed at the SI conference.

The first panel included a presentation on the view from India by Atul Aneja, the Editor of IndiaNarrative.com, on the need for engagement between India, Russia and China in addressing the global crisis. Col. Richard H. Black (ret.), former head of the U.S. Army’s Criminal Law Division, spoke on “U.S.-China Relations: A Pathway for War Avoidance and Cooperation,” denouncing the mindless attacks on China from the Congress, media and institutions in the U.S.. He was followed by Ray McGovern, a former CIA Russia expert and cofounder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), who analyzed the recent U.S. and British provocations against Russia, which finally caused Biden and perhaps some of his aides to seek the summit with Putin. He insisted in particular on the absolute folly of waging a world war today.

The Science of Climate Change and the Need for Nuclear Energy

Panel 2 of the SI conference was introduced by Jason Ross, a science advisor to the Schiller Institute. He began by noting that in Lyndon LaRouche’s notion of physical economy, the key to economic development and productivity is basic infrastruc ture, as organized in infrastructure platforms.

Today, he went on, “the most central component of an infrastructure platform, is without a doubt, energy. It was the steam engine’s liberation of the chemical energy in coal, transforming it into motion that unleashed the industrialization of the world, a new era for mankind in economy overall, and something that led to the expansion of life expectancies by a couple of dozen years. Very, very impressive, extremely powerful, absolutely essential in economic history and in mankind’s history.

“The development of electricity transformed the types of resources that were available to us, our relationship to those resources, the kinds of production that we were capable of engaging in, moving beyond motion towards new types, electron-beam welding, lasers, and so on.

“The power of the atomic nucleus is still not fully developed, not by any means! But it shows us the potential to have power levels that are many orders of magnitude greater than what is achievable through chemically based electricity or wind or solar panels or that sort of thing. Potentially, nuclear fusion would transform, in a very powerful way, our relationship to the world around us, in a way that would be comparable only to the development of the steam engine, in its scope and in its potential.

“But it is energy itself that is in the crosshairs of what was discussed in Panel 1 as the MICIMATT [an expanded notion of the military-industrial complex to include other components of the ruling financial-intelligence apparatus in the trans-Atlantic world today, i.e., the Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think-Tank complex]. We are told that the planet is imperiled by the scourge of climate change, brought about by man’s wicked and unchecked use of fossil fuels, churning enormous amounts (we’re told) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

“And that these fossil fuels, which were absolutely essential for expanding the life of human beings by decades, must be phased out, essentially, immediately. And if you don’t agree, well, ‘how dare you!’

“We’re told that the Science, with a capital S, is ‘settled’, that there’s no room for debate on this issue. And even if we don’t understand it, we had better obey its strictures. That’s not how science works. Science is a process, it’s development, it’s discovery. So, on this panel, what we’re going to be getting into is the coherence between our economic growth, and the development of the biosphere as a whole, the enormous amounts of power that the world requires, and the gaping holes in the supposed science of climate change catastrophism.”

The Ulterior Motives of the “Global Warming” Hoax

After that introduction by Jason Ross, the first speaker was Megan Dobrodt, the President of the U.S. Schiller Institute, who titled her presentation “Why the Universe Needs More People”. She demonstrated that thesis on the basis of Vladimir Vernadsky’s ground-breaking work on the evolution of the planet and cognitive life, and of Lyndon LaRouche’s science of physical economy.

She was followed by an impressive list of international speakers, who refuted the apocalyptic predictions of the “climate change lobby” and called for an end to the Malthusian campaign against fossil fuels. The panel featured:

  • Kelvin Kemm, a South African nuclear physicist and former Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa, on “An Engineer’s Approach to Power and ‘Renewables’”aEmanuel Höhener, Consulting Engineer in Energy Sector, Chairman of the Switzerland-based think tank Carnot-Cournot Network on the “Swiss Vote ‘No’ to
    New CO2 Law”
  • Prof. Augustinus Berkhout, a Dutch Emeritus Professor of Geophysics and President of the Climate Intelligence Group on “The Good News About CO₂”
  • Prof. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, German Physicist and Emeritus Professor of Saarland University for Technology and Economics on “Climate Cycles and Global Warming”
  • Prof. Nicola Scafetta of the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II on “Why The Climate Models Don’t Work” • Dr. Ben Greenspan M.D., a director of The American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine; former President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging on an “Introduction to Nuclear Medicine”
  • Paul Driessen from the United States, a Senior Policy Advisor of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death on “The Biden-AOC Green New Deal Fraud: Unsustainable, Unaffordable, Eco-Destructive, Carbon-Colonialist”
  • Vincenzo Romanello, PhD (Italy), Nuclear Engineer, Research Center Rez, Founder, “Atoms for Peace” Czech Republic, on “Building a Nuclear Power Platform for the World”

The Urgent Task of Reorganizing the Trans-Atlantic Financial System

The third panel of the SI conference was titled: “Weimar Germany 1923 Comes Again: Global Glass-Steagall Policy To End
Hyperinflation”. It featured Jacques Cheminade, the head of Solidarité et Progrès in France, EIR economics editor Paul Gallagher (cf. above), and EIR Ibero-America director Dennis Small. They were followed by two Americans from Kansas, rancher Mike Callicrate, who spoke on the urgent need to stop the cartelization of agriculture, and State Senator Mike Thompson who showed the disastrous consequences in his state of the rush into renewables.
Bringing in the international picture were Japanese economist Daisuke Kotegawa, a former leading official at the Ministry of Finance in Japan, who focussed on the bogus “stress tests” of the banks; French economist and jurist Marc Gabriel Draghi who denounced the ramifications of the “Great Reset” for Europe, and Pedro Rubio, President of the Association of Officials of the General Accounting Office in Columbia, who described the disastrous impact of the pandemic and the economic collapse in Columbia.
The final panel, dedicated to the “Coincidence of Opposites”, was an extraordinary coming together of American doctors,
retired military flag officers, a Russian diplomat, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who literally put together on the spot the makings of an international alliance of forces to begin the process of building modern health facilities in every country.
We invite our readers to follow all these video presentations, which included many graphics, on the Schiller Institute website, as well as the lively discussions that followed each panel at https://schillerinstitute.com/

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