Trump Can Still Accept Putin’s Offer for a P5 Summit

Helga Zepp-LaRouche was asked in her weekly webcast of Dec. 30, what advice she would give President Trump for his next few weeks (at least) in the White House. She replied that he is absolutely correct to continue the fight on the issue of vote fraud, and to demand full clarity on the choice American voters really made in the Nov. 3 presidential election, if the U.S. is to avoid becoming a “banana republic”, in which the establishment and mainstream media decide who should govern the country. But beyond that, Zepp-LaRouche advised Trump to “turn the tables” on his adversaries. “Because if you are playing in a rigged game, there is no point in playing according to the rules that have been imposed on you.” Thus, in addition to countering the anti-Russia and anti-China campaign in the United States that has reached absurd heights, “I think the best thing Trump could do (and I don’t know if he will do it, but he should)… is to immediately respond to [President] Putin’s offer to conduct a P5 summit –a summit of the permanent five members of the UN Security Council –in order to discuss the emergencies which are confronting humanity.” That would include coordinating international efforts against the COVID pandemic and the famine which threatens 270 million people in the coming year, defusing the danger of military escalations, and addressing, “the pending financial blowout of the financial system”.

If Donald Trump wants to change that entire dynamic, she insisted, he should “take up Vladimir Putin’s offer. Emmanuel Macron had said earlier that he would immediately agree to such a summit, the Chinese have too, and I think even Boris Johnson has signaled that he would participate.So to have a forum to discuss these big challenges is, in my view, the most important question.” At the same time, President Trump “should use the flank of pardoning Snowden and Assange, because they could spill the beans on what’s behind Russiagate. This would be one of the most effective new elements in the situation. Naturally, the exoneration of my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche, must be part of the package.” In fact, she went on, it is the entirety of what people call the deep state, which includes the apparatus behind the witch hunt against LaRouche and behind Russiagate, that must be exposed. To do so, Trump could “order the declassification of all the documents pertaining to the coup attempt” in unredacted form, “so everybody can see who are the culprits.”

In that way, he would counter the plans of those who hope to control an incoming Biden Administration, plans which would have “the gravest strategic and domestic consequences”. (cf.

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