The Straw that Breaks the Back of the Unipolar Order

At the Doha Forum in Qatar on Dec. 10, the Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres issued another dramatic call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. That followed the outrageous decision by the United States to veto, on Dec. 8, a UN Security Council resolution demanding such a ceasefire, the only country to do so, while the United Kingdom abstained. Guterres responded to that vote by saying that “Regrettably the Security Council failed to do it, but that does not make it less necessary. So, I can promise I will not give up.”

On Dec. 11, representatives of 12 out of the 15 current members of the UNSC traveled to the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt, to see for themselves what the horrendous conditions are like there, as a result of Israel’s U.S.-backed bombing and ethnic cleansing spree all across Gaza. And one day later, the UN General Assembly met in an emergency session to discuss a new resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire, presented by Egypt and Mauritania and backed by at least 103 sponsors. That text passed overwhelmingly with 153 countries voting in favor, 23 abstentions and only 10 against.

Massive international pressure is building to force the U.S. to change its policy. In the United States itself, opposition to the Netanyahu government is growing, with the full support of the Schiller Institute. A large number of Jewish organizations, in addition to the anti-war associations, are fully mobilized and have carried out some spectacular actions in protests over the slaughter.

The Chinese have been actively, but discreetly, building up support for an international peace conference for the entire South-West Asia, which appears to be the most promising initiative taken so far, which would include the participation of Russia as well as the United States.

Nearly the entire world — minus the Netanyahu government and the British, of course — is lined up against the U.S. government on this matter, and rightly so. Israel, just as Ukraine, is being used as a pawn to attempt to bolster the dying “unipolar world order”, but the opposite is happening.

While the wars may be good for the infamous “military-industrial complex”, and seem to prop up Western economies, they will not prevent the inevitable collapse of the transatlantic financial system. A war economy, as Schachtian economics showed, is doomed to defeat. Therefore, Gaza may prove to be the straw that breaks the back of the unipolar order.

The revolt in the Global South, better referred to as the Global Majority, is becoming much more open and broad. That was demonstrated, in its own way and for various reasons, at the UN Conference on Climate Change that is just concluding in Dubai, with a serious blow delivered to the “Great Reset” (cf. below)

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