The “Mother Of All Bailouts “ Behind the Threat of World War Three

Western elites are ruthlessly using the Russia-Ukraine crisis to implement what they call the “mother” of all bailouts of the financial system. Since the collapse of that system has been proceeded apace over the past months (cf. SAS 2-6/22), central banks, despite hyperinflation on the march, were only looking for a pretext to justify a new, massive bailout. As if on cue, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde issued a statement Feb. 25, affirming that the bank was ready to support sanctions against Russia and “to take whatever action is needed to fulfil its responsibilities to ensure price stability and financial stability in the euro area”.

The “whatever” is intentionally evocative of Mario Draghi’s 2012 “whatever it takes” speech that marked the beginning of Quantitative Easing (QE). Thus, the digital printing press of the ECB is ready to flood the markets with trillions more.

To create an emergency that justifies an illegal bailout, Western elites have been playing with fire. As former U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard put it, by refusing to state officially what everybody knows anyway, i.e., that Ukraine will never join NATO, their intention is to provoke Russia into invading Ukraine (cf. below). Suddenly, the threshold for WWIII has been dramatically lowered, not because Vladimir Putin put Russian strategic forces on high alert, but because of the escalation orchestrated by the West, followed by the sanctions announced Feb. 26.

Now, with the financial sanctions against Russia under the pretext of “the war in Europe”, European countries have accomplished in one shot what British geopoliticians were not able to accomplish in two centuries: the successful decoupling of Central and Western Europe from Russia, preventing the peaceful integration of the Eurasian continent.

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