The Courage to Break with the Anglo-American War Policy?

“The world needed Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan like it needs a new global pandemic”, is how Helga Zepp-LaRouche characterized the visit of the Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives to Taipei on Aug. 1 (cf. SAS 31/22). With Pelosi’s grandstanding, the United States de facto violated its official commitment to the One China policy and clearly signalled its support for the pro-separatist forces in Taiwan, thus deliberately crossing a red line laid down by Beijing and bringing the world closer to a world war. Indeed, the provocation is all the more serious as Nancy Pelosi is not only the leader of the House, but also second in line to succeed the President of the United States, after the Vice President.

As was to be expected, the Chinese authorities immediately launched large-scale military maneuvers around Taiwan and imposed economic sanctions on the island, which could severely harm its exports, in particular of semiconductors. At the same time, various diplomatic and military exchanges were cut off with Washington, including on maritime security, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and climate change.

Taking the lead from Washington, parliamentary delegations in Great Britain and Germany are planning to visit Taipei very soon, while Berlin’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, among others, is an avid supporter of Washington’s policy against both China and Russia. All this led the Chinese embassy in Berlin to warn the Europeans that they should think twice about supporting “the dangerous and provocative actions of the USA” and thus “dragging the world into a swamp of confrontations”.

“That’s putting it mildly”, Helga Zepp-LaRouche points out in her Aug. 6 article, at a time when we are on the verge of tremendous social upheavals, with hyperinflation, mass unemployment, growing famine in the world, and a “war that that can become a nuclear world war…” (Her article will soon be published

Therefore, the time has come, she continues, for “a broad discussion among the population to force the so-called establishment to reconsider the numerous wrong decisions of the past decades and to change course in the direction of the common good”. That is the objective of the Schiller Institute’s proposal for new global security and development architecture, which dovetails with initiatives presented by Chinese President Xi.

“Together with Lyndon LaRouche’s proposal, made years ago, to replace the hopelessly bankrupt transatlantic financial system with a New Bretton Woods system whose primary goal is to end poverty on this planet for all people, these are programmatic proposals which can overcome the crisis, and which the nations in the tradition of the Non-Aligned Movement are urgently considering again today. The BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN, the OIC, the AU and other Global South organizations are all striving to achieve and implement a new just world economic order.

“Instead of acting like attack-Chihuahuas for the big bully, and contributing to what is potentially the greatest catastrophe of mankind — with what is, at the very least, a hopeless attempt to contain Russia, China and the countries of the non-aligned movement — German and European politics must return to its best traditions and draw upon our reservoir of scientific and technological advances to help solve the world’s gigantic problems.” For that, however, independent-thinking citizens must have the courage to expose the narratives orchestrated by the media and intelligence agencies.

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