Schiller Institute Receives ‘Freedom of Expression’ Award from Mexico’s Journalists Club

On Dec. 7, the national Journalists Club of Mexico issued their annual awards to 46 Mexican and international journalists, media and institutions chosen by a 20-person independent jury for their exemplary journalism and for work on behalf of freedom of speech.

The Schiller Institute received the award for “Fostering freedom of expression from the academic realm”. The master of ceremonies explained that the distinction was for the SI’s “contributions to historical and geopolitical analysis in order to understand global changes, using a multidisciplinary methodology with critical thinking, warning of the consequences of the violence and imbalances which impact the concert of nations and affect world peace.”

In her pre-recorded message, Zepp-LaRouche explained that she could not attend personally to accept the award, because she was number one on a Ukrainian hit list (that of the Ukrainian government’s Center for Countering Disinformation). She expressed her great appreciation for the honor bestowed, and for the international leadership role Mexico is playing, and can play in rallying the world against nuclear war and for peace.

The annual contest has become an institution in the country, with increasing international attention. Julian Assange, for example, was issued an award for “Freedom of Expression” in 2019. The ceremony this year was attended by the President of Mexico’s press spokesman Jesús Ramírez Cuevas and by diplomats from various countries, as well as many journalists and media and their families and friends.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche also delivered a 30 minute address to Mexico’s Journalists Club on Dec. 11.

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