Schiller Institute Conference: There Is No Climate Emergency

An online international conference will be sponsored on Saturday, July 24 by the Schiller Institute under the title: “There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’ –Apply the Science and Economics of Development to Stop Blackouts and Death.” The invitation follows:

“The shift out of high-density electricity generation –coal and nuclear –into low-energy-dense, unreliable wind and solar, has reached the stage of pending blackouts in the United States and Europe. At the same time, elsewhere in the world, apart from the critical example of China, the lack of basic infrastructure for power, water, and health care capacity, has reached the condition of guaranteeing persistent global disease and famine.

“This deadly situation must be reversed, beginning with the commitment to adequate water, power, and public health provision, along with emergency measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, including launching work on modern health care capacity in every nation.

“In the forefront of these initiatives are Afghanistan, and Central and Southwest Asia, where decades of ‘endless war’ policies have caused mass devastation, while the policy of sanctions prohibits reconstruction.

“It is urgent to get to work on what must be done for infrastructure- building in all respects. In terms of mutual security worldwide, this means a return to the ‘West Point’ military tradition of engineering, not military-industrial warmongering. This is in the common interest of all nations, and is best served by collaboration among major powers, as was implied in the June 16 first-step meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin.

“Most urgent of all, is to end any respect for the assertion there is a ‘climate emergency’ which demands drastic reductions in human activity in order to restrict greenhouse gas emissions. This is a lethal falsehood. The concept of evergreater energy-flux density, as put forward by economist Lyndon LaRouche, is essential for human progress.”

The roster of speakers and discussants, will be available soon. We welcome questions during the conference, that can be sent to

PANEL I. 15:00 (CET) Economic Effects of Green MAD

The topic will be discussed by specialists in meteorology, physics, geology, and other sciences from many nations, including German Prof. Alwin Burgholte, from GADE-Hochschule Wilhelmshaven (emeritus), will speak on “How Future Electricity Security Is Threatened by Wind and Solar Technology and Blackouts.” Jason Ross, Schiller Institute Science Liaison, will speak on, “There Is a Limit to ‘Renewable’ Power!”

PANEL II. 20:00 (CET) Energy, World Health, and the End of War — the Power of Energy-Flux Density

This session will feature priority projects, in particular for water. Speakers will include military logistics experts, hydrologists, engineers, and representatives from several nations. From South Africa, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, nuclear scientist, will address the theme, “The Future Depends on Nuclear Power.”

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