Russian Economist Sergei Glazyev on Lyndon LaRouche’s Centenary

Sergei Glazyev, a leading Russian economist who served as an advisor to President Vladimir Putin on economic development from 2012-19 and is now a Commissioner in the Eurasian Economic Union, delivered a powerful eulogy on the life and work of Lyndon LaRouche, on the 100th anniversary of his birth on September 8, 1922. The video, issued to his widow, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, with English subtitles, is posted here .

Glazyev describes LaRouche as a “brilliant thinker and, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, a prophet of our time.” He notes that, although he was persecuted and demonized within his own country, “In practically all the major countries in the world that today are developing successfully — above all India and China — there are partisans of LaRouche. They have used his thoughts and ideas, for creating their economic miracles.”

Unfortunately, Glazyev notes, “LaRouche did not live to see the day when his warnings about the crash of the world financial system came to pass…. The world is now plunging into chaos, in precise accordance with the scenario, the negative scenario, that Lyndon LaRouche spoke about in forecasts he made 30 or 40 years ago. Back then, he proposed that, instead of pumping up financial bubbles, the world’s reserve currency emitter-countries, together with their partners and other countries, should invest in building global infrastructure.” As they failed to implement that approach, Glazyev says, the bubbles are now too big to transfer into real production, leaving only two choices: bankruptcy reorganization in cooperation other nations, or repudiation of the debt.

LaRouche, he says, proposed a different model, “based on the principles of physical economy; in particular, the famous project, which he and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, put forward for international discussion — the so-called Eurasian Bridge. This is a splendid and interesting project, which now, after many years, has begun to be implemented through the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, which we support through the Eurasian Economic Union.”

Glazyev addresses not just LaRouche’s ideas, but also his method of thinking: “We should not forget the creative legacy of Lyndon LaRouche, which demonstrates the interconnection of events taking place today with their roots many centuries ago. I was always impressed by Lyndon LaRouche’s enormous erudition. He saw the parasitical global oligarchy from its origins. He traced how these oligarchical families were parasites…. We see how today’s U.S. financial oligarchy is unleashing hybrid world war, up to and including the risk of nuclear catastrophe, for the purpose of holding on to its global hegemony.”

Glazyev is now engaged, with leading economists from Russia, China, and others from the BRICS nations, in preparing a new international financial system to replace the bankrupt remains of the old Bretton Woods. Today, he says in his video address, “we rely on his [LaRouche’s] work, his writings, in composing proposals for a very rapid transition to a new world economic paradigm. We call it an integrated world economic model, in which finance capital will be subordinate to the tasks of developing the economy, and in which the principles of Physical Economy will come to fruition. As we can see, countries that are taking this path are enjoying success.”

He concludes: “May his memory live forever.”

The full text of Sergey Glazyev’s message will be published in the upcoming issue of EIR.

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