President Biden Heads to Europe to Strengthen the “Rules Based Order”

Despite several contacts in the last weeks between top representatives of Presidents Biden and Putin, which were described as “business-like” and “cordial”, the White House has continued to adhere to a confrontational approach, even framing the June 16 summit as one in which the United States will be representing the “democracies”, standing up against an autocratic Russia. An op ed penned by Biden for the Washington Post on June 6 conforms to the now-standard line of defending “western values”, which must be asserted in the face of alleged challenges and “malign intent” from Russia and China.

In the opening paragraph of the article titled “My Trip to Europe Is About Rallying the World’s Democracies”, President Biden states that he will affirm the “Special Relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K. in his first meeting, which will be with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This reinforces the message brought to the U.K. four weeks earlier by Secretary of State Blinken in his meeting with his British counterpart Dominic Raab (cf. SAS 19/21).

Hitting both Russia and China, Biden wrote that the summits of the G7 nations and NATO, which precede his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, will “ensure that our values” will shape the future, “not the interest of autocrats.” To do this, the world’s democracies “will be offering a high standard alternative to China for upgrading physical, digital and health infrastructure that is more resiliant and supports development.” This is a reference to the “Clean Green Initiative” that will be unveiled, to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. A preview of this was given by UN Climate czar Mark Carney, former director of the Bank of England (cf. SAS 18, 20/21), who spoke of green financial programs which will be imposed on the poorer nations, such as carbon offsets, which will guarantee that no funding will be available to them for modern infrastructure, due to “climate” concerns. The head of MI6 already announced that to enforce these new green rules, he will establish a global spy operation and policing force.

As for Russia, Biden intends to underscore in his talks with Putin the commitment to “stand up for human rights and dignity.” The hypocrisy in this statement will certainly not be missed by the Russian President, given the Biden administration’s support for sanctions which threaten the lives of millions of Syrians through cutting off food, medicine and delivery of related goods, combined with the threat to sanction any nation or company which engages in reconstruction of Syria.

The language employed by Biden coheres with an initiative by Boris Johnson, to turn the G7 into an “Alliance of Democratic States,” which he adopted to counter former President Trump’s proposal at the time to restore Russia’s place in the G8. He proposed, instead, adding India, South Korea and Australia to the group, following a script provided by the notorious Atlantic Council.

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