“No, There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power!”

A leaflet written by Helga Zepp-LaRouche for distribution at the massive farmer protests in Germany begins by quoting the famous Rütli Oath from Friedrich Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell, in which the people vow to fight against oppression and for their inalienable rights. She goes on to praise the farmers today for “opposing the arbitrariness and incompetence” of the current policy and calls on all sectors of society to support them.


Their courageous resistance, she urges, “must now be mobilized by medium-sized industry and the trade unions as well, because the entire economy is in free fall due to the same policies. In Germany we are in danger of losing everything that was built over generations after the Second World War!

“Why is that? Is it the result of a natural disaster? Absolutely not! The crisis is the result of wrong policies! When the Cold War was over and we no longer had an opponent, we could have easily built a new peace order that included Russia. But the West intended to subject the entire world to a ‘unipolar order’ and the neoliberal economic model. These included increasing deregulation of financial markets to fuel speculation, which has led to the widening gap between rich and poor around the world; the relocation of production to so-called low-cost production countries, which did not benefit the countries of the Global South and harmed our own economy and agriculture; and finally the ‘Green Deal’, which was ultimately intended only to enable speculators to create a new bubble, which now threatens to totally destroy the economy and agriculture with its destructive bureaucratic rules….”


However, there is an alternative, Helga Zepp-LaRouche goes on to show, in that the nations of the Global South, that represent the global majority, are in the process of creating a new economic and financial system based on sovereignty, non-interference in the internal affairs of others, and the right to determine their own path of development. Rather than feeling threatened by a such a goal, people in Germany and in the West in general should “be happy that the Global Majority is developing into modern, thriving economies. Because that means that all children worldwide will soon have the chance of a productive life.

“The way out of the crisis, therefore, lies in cooperation between Germany and all of Europe with the nations of the Global Majority. That’s why we have to say no to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s so-called ‘turning point’. Germany does not have to become ‘ready for war’, as War Minister Pistorius is demanding, but rather ‘ready for peace’….

“At a dramatic moment, farmers have taken over the political leadership for all of Germany because they know what is necessary to make the economy and agriculture work again. It is therefore of existential importance that all parts of society show solidarity with them, because they are fighting for the well-being of us all.”

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