Motion Against the Great Reset and for Fusion Energy Introduced in the Bundestag

A group of parliamentarians from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party introduced a motion into the Bundestag, which was debated last week, calling on the government to reject the “Great Reset” and to refuse to participate in any projects associated with it. That agenda as well as other schemes to achieve so-called “climate neutrality”, the motion states, are not only harmful for the environment, but also represent “an enormous threat to prosperity, freedom and the security of supply in German”, and will aggravate the economic crisis and increase poverty.

The MPs further assert that the “energy transition” and so-called climate protection policy pursued by the federal government have cost enormous amounts of money over the past 20 years, and caused “massive economic and social damage”, but produced no benefit.

The most interesting aspect of the motion is the call for allocating “funds for research into the future-oriented field of nuclear and nuclear fusion technology”, in particular on a national level, while “international cooperation must be stabilized or strengthened”.

Specially, the motion calls for changing the current law so that new nuclear facilities, “especially those that are suitable for the end of the nuclear fuel cycle in order to avoid geological disposal for the commercial generation of electricity, can once again be approved”. The federal government is also urged to create “additional funding programs for the research and development of new nuclear and fusion technologies, especially Generation IV, and thus enable participation in relevant projects abroad.”

The BüSo, as our readers know, has been the only party in Germany to openly campaign for fusion energy as well as for the new generations of nuclear energy, while attacking from the very beginning the “Great Reset”. Helga Zepp-LaRouche welcomed the fact that AfD parliamentarians have belatedly echoed those themes. But, she added, one can only hope that the party will distance itself from the untenable positions held by some of its leaders, that are squarely in the tradition of the reprehensible Conservative Revolution.

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