London Floats Global Britain’s Imperial Plan for Eastern Europe

It has apparently dawned on Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi and Olof Scholz that if the war is protracted as Washington and London want, they will be faced with a political and economic catastrophe. However, if they did attempt to persuade Kiev to negotiate a settlement, there is no sign that the Zelensky government is ready to face reality. Not accidentally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a surprise visit to Kiev the day after the visit of the three EU leaders, to ensure continuation of the Empire’s endless war (at the expense of Ukrainian lives and livelihood).

Indeed, Johnson has reportedly offered Zelensky (or whoever controls him) to join a new political, economic and especially military alliance as an alternative to the European Union, which would include Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine – under British control, of course. That is according to diplomatic sources quoted in the May 26 Corriere della Sera, who reveal that the British initiative would imply an alliance of countries “jealous of their national sovereignty, liberal in their economy and determined to counteract Moscow’s policies.” It resembles the plans of Polish dictator Józef Piłsudski (1867-1935) dubbed “Intermarium” and “Prometheism”, two failed schemes to build a Commonwealth of anti-Russian nations from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The modern variant would include the British nuclear umbrella over the member nations, or even possible deployment of nuclear weapons on their territory.

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