Kyiv’s Appeal to the Merchants of Death

Ukraine’s National News Agency, Ukrinform, claimed on May 18 that May 16 had marked a turning point, where Kyiv proved, by shooting down every one of Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal missiles sent against it, that Russia is just a paper tiger. However, Washington had already quietly signaled to the Ukrainians that their Patriot anti-missile system in Kyiv had been hit by the Kinzhal.

Nonetheless, Ukrinform wrote:

“So if anyone in the Western world was still afraid of Russian weapons, now they should finally realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. And if anyone in the United States still doubted whether to give Ukraine the latest weapons, they have also received an answer.”

The article also proposes that Ukraine’s money-obsessed Western “allies” use their territory as a testing ground:

“Each delivery of several billion dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine will bring hundreds of billions of dollars worth of orders for American arms corporations in the future. European manufacturers also see this. And so they are also motivated to push their government to provide Ukraine with more and more modern weapons. Which will destroy the remaining myths about the power of Russian weapons.”

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