Jewish Voices Are Raised for Peace

It should be noted that in addition to the millions protesting worldwide to demand protection of and justice for civilians in the Gaza Strip, there have been significant and strong calls for peace from Israeli and other Jewish representatives throughout the world. In the United States, the organization “Jewish Voice for Peace” staged a very effective takeover of Grand Central Railroad Station in New York City on Oct. 27 to demand a ceasefire. The organization has also been lobbying Congress in Washington with the same message.

In Germany, an Open Letter signed by 100 German Jewish artists, writers, and scholars denounces the pattern of banning rallies critical of Israel. The bans affect not only Palestinians, but also increasingly Jews who oppose the officially-imposed narratives.

In Denmark, a group of 26 “young Jews” addressed an open letter to the Prime Minister expressing their “outrage” that the government does not “publicly condemn more of Israel’s actions as war crimes, especially the collective punishment of Palestinians” and the unnecessary killing of civilians. Their letter was printed in the leading Danish newspaper Politiken.

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