James Bond Never Found, and Never Could Have, the Origin of a Virus!

On May 26, Joe Biden announced that he has directed the US intelligence community to investigate the origins of the Covid19 pandemic and report back to him in 90 days. The announcement came after the emergence of presumably “new” elements pointing to a possible leak of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory, and is clearly aimed at increasing political pressure on China. While discovering the exact origin of a virus is unquestionably desirable for the entire medical community, in order to find the best remedies, any investigation should be led by scientists and not by intelligence agencies.

Three days before Biden’s announcement, the Wall Street Journal had leaked an intelligence report claiming that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology become sick enough in November 2019 that they had to be hospitalized. This would be strong evidence in favor of the virus escaping from the laboratory – but it is not: in November 2019, the Covid-19 virus was already circulating in Europe, as findings in Italy and Spain have proven. (By the way, the author of the WSJ article, Michael R. Gordon, is the one who “broke” the story in 2002 that Saddam Hussein was preparing weapons of mass destruction.)

The new hype around the Wuhan laboratory had been initiated earlier by a British intelligence operative, Nicholas Wade, with an article in the May 3 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Wade himself is a highly dubious character, who was pushing the Malthusian agenda as early as 1976, when he contributed to the Unfinished Agenda report of the Rockefeller Foundation. Eventually, he had a very successful 30 year career with the New York Times (1982 to 2012). In 2014, he published a controversial book on human genetic development, claiming that different groups of humanity come to be genetically (IQ’s etc.) defined by their social and economic practices… i.e. middle class genes, African genes, etc. This racist theory led more than 100 top scientists to pen a letter against him in the New York Times.

In his new article, Wade brings plenty of alleged evidence and information to support the thesis that the Covid-19 virus was made in a laboratory, backed by the fact that the natural origin hypothesis has not been proven. Containing some elements of truth and a strong appeal to virologists, Wade’s article quickly prompted 18 high level researchers in top U.S. labs to sign a letter, addressed to the British Science magazine, which called for a new WHO investigation of the Wuhan laboratory.

And no sooner had Biden announced the new investigation than the British intelligence community announced they would help the Americans: “We are contributing what intelligence we have on Wuhan, as well as offering to help the Americans to corroborate and analyze any intelligence they have that we can assist with,” an unnamed senior Whitehall security source told the Telegraph.

As noted above, ascertaining the exact origin of a virus is to be welcomed by all researchers, but it must be conducted by scientists and not by spies. Furthermore, it should target not just the Wuhan facilities, but all laboratories doing similar research throughout the world, including in the U.S. Laboratories have protocols that trace the work and the experiments carried out, and accessing and analyzing such reports must be done in a spirit of collaboration.

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