Jacques Cheminade Comments on Macron’s Illusion

At the March 22 International Peace Coalition meeting, Jacques Cheminade explained that a major cause of the increasingly insane proposals made by Emmanuel Macron is the fact that the French economy is on the edge of collapse. In addition, the Elysée very much fears that France will be downgraded by the ratings agencies, such as Moody’s, before the European elections.

Psychologically, Cheminade said, Macron believes he can escape the pressure of the financial crisis and boost his plunging approval ratings by presenting himself as the “King of Europe” and its “chief warlord” against Russia. The hope is that a number of high-ranking retired French military officers, many of whom had endorsed the Solidarité et Progrès declaration to abolish NATO, are attempting to counter Macron’s flight forward. Although a good development, Cheminade stressed that unless this resistance is international, as the IPC is organizing it, it will lead nowhere.

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