Ukraine, Gaza, Taiwan: U.S. Congress Votes for “Endless War”

In an emergency vote for President Biden’s supplemental war budget, the majority of the U.S. Congress demonstrated once again its delusion that maintaining the “Sole Superpower” military status of the U.S. is good for the country. The vote occurred after the $95 billion allocation for Ukraine ($61 billion), Israel and Taiwan had been bottled up by Speaker Mike Johnson for several months. Johnson, a Republican who became the leader in the House by promising his fellow Republicans he would not allow more funds for Ukraine unless a bill was passed to make funds available to close the southern border with Mexico, had collaborated with his pro-Trump colleagues to block the funding.

Then, in an about-face last week, he announced he would separate the funds for the three conflict areas into three separate bills, which were then passed by substantial margins. While Democrats and the pro-war media are saluting Johnson for his “courage”, his pro-Trump colleagues are moving to oust him, as they did former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last October. They note that not only did he shift his stance on Ukraine funding, but no measures were taken to close the border.

Johnson also pushed through the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which had been used to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. Johnson personally voted to break a tie on an amendment opposing warrantless wiretaps, ensuring that it remained in place, despite marching orders from Trump to “kill the bill.”

Johnson’s change of mind — if it was a change at all — may have resulted from pressure by those desperate to maintain the proxy war against Russia as well as Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza, including Republican national security hawks such as former CIA director Mike Pompeo, and Biden Administration officials. He was also targeted by Christian evangelicals, who conducted a “fly-in” to Washington of 250 members of the Christians United for Israel. Its leader, Rev. Hagee, believes Israel must be supported in the “Apocalypse” war prophesized in the Bible that has now begun and will lead to the second coming of Christ. In Washington, he called on those gathered to “hit Congress like a bulldozer”, so that their “blessings” will be bestowed on Israel — blessings in the form of at least $14 billion, a steady flow of weapons and political cover. Hagee met personally with Johnson, a self-professed Christian fundamentalist, to make sure the funds for Israel were included.

Johnson also met with Trump in Florida, to brief him on his plans. Despite Donald Trump’s well-known opposition to the war in Ukraine, Johnson said he agreed with his plans. Asked for a comment, Trump said only that he considers Johnson “a good guy”.

Beyond any party lines, there can be no doubt that the billionaires of the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex who profit from these endless wars, and fund the election campaigns of many Congressmen, are happy with the votes.

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