Italy, under Draghi, Becomes A Republic Based On Biodiversity

On Feb. 8, Italy became the first major industrialized country to include protection of biodiversity, ecosystems and animals in its Constitution. The change, promoted by “Ecological Transition” Minister Roberto Cingolani, was voted up by the Chamber of Deputies with only one nay and six abstentions, all from the opposition party Fratelli d’Italia.

This will make it virtually impossible in the future to build railroads, bridges and dams in Italy, as environmental mobs will potentially win any court battle to save an “endangered species”. It is also consistent with the mission assigned to EU economic hitman Mario Draghi when he became Prime Minister in Feb. 2021, under the sponsorship of the City of London and the EU Commission. In Dec. 2020, Draghi had signed a G30 article stating that a post-pandemic “recovery” would inevitably go through a process of “creative destruction” (cf. SAS 52/20). Only climate-compatible activities would be supported and the rest would be left to perish.

Indeed, climate policies implemented by the EU are producing an unprecedented destruction of productive capabilities, which the Draghi government is doing virtually nothing to prevent. Due to the skyrocketing energy prices, energy-intensive industries such as ceramics, paper, glass as well as cement, steel etc. are stopping production. Both companies and households are hit with up to 500% rises in gas and electricity bills. The industrial association Confindustria has calculated an increase of €36 billion in energy costs for industry in 2022, while association of cooperative enterprises, Alleanza Cooperative, puts the total bill for both producers and households at €80 billion. But the government has allocated a mere €5 bn and refuses to do more, to avoid increasing the deficit.

At the same time, that same Draghi government has borrowed €191 bn from the markets, through the EU “Resiliency and Recovery Fund”, ostensibly to finance an economic recovery. But this sum will finance a myriad of small and micro projects, whose overall fiscal multiplicator has been calculated by the government itself to be 0.9 – that means that for one euro invested euro, there will be a 90 cent return, or a net loss.

The malignant intention of the government is shown by the fact that the only large project that could be immediately started and would have a major productivity effect, the bridge between Sicily and the Italian mainland, was not included in the National Resiliency and Recovery Plan (PNRR). And despite the bombastic announcements about extending the high-speed railway lines to Southern Italy, only 40 out of 445 km are included in the plan. The total amount allocated for infrastructures is 25 bn – over six years!

One has the impression that the PNRR is a giant Potemkin village, concocted by the Brussels elite to save the euro, with Italy being used as a guinea pig. The loans were not even extended on favorable terms, but at the same rate as Italy pays on international markets.

All these factors – the energy emergency, the social crisis, the flop of the PNRR – will soon have the government crashing up against a wall. Mario Draghi knows this, and was hoping to be elected State President in order to leave the ship before it sinks. His plan failed, and now he is faced with increasing ungovernability for the next 12 months, until the 2023 general elections.

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