Helga Zepp-LaRouche Develops the Concept of a New Security Architecture on CGTN’s Dialogue

During her intervention March 7 on CGTN’s “Dialogue”, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche described the need for an entirely new world security and development architecture. The other two guests on the live panel discussion hosted by Li Quiyuan were Prof. Victor Gau Zhikai of Soochow University and Peter Kuznick of American University in Washington DC. They also stressed the urgency of setting a new course for the world, in particular to pull back from the danger of nuclear war.

Zepp-LaRouche fully supported the idea expressed by Wang Yi of “solving problems through diplomacy” and cooperation, calling it “a breath of fresh air” compared to what one hears in Western mainstream media today. If we continue with geopolitics as in the past, she said, it will lead to disaster, and possibly even nuclear extinction.

The model she proposes, which is coherent with China’s approach of a “shared community of the one humanity”, involves the convocation of “an international conference to take care of the security interests of every single country on the planet”. There is a model for that in European history, she explained: “The Peace of Westphalia ended 150 years of religious war, culminating in the Thirty Years’ War, and it was based on the recognition of all war parties that if the war would continue there would be nobody left to enjoy the result. And this is in a certain sense a parallel situation to the one we are facing today, because if it comes to a nuclear war there will be no winner, there will be nobody left to even comment on the result.”

In response to another question, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed the need for a new paradigm based on the idea of all nations agreeing to work together to solve the “main problems of mankind”, such as pandemics, famine, poverty and the increasing danger of runaway inflation of prices in basic goods. In that respect, she went on, Wang Yi and President Xi Jinping have both proposed to have “the Belt and Road Initiative cooperate with the Build Back Better initiative of the United States and the Global Gateway of the European Union”. These initiatives, “rather than being in competition”, could be carried out in a spirit of cooperation that is mutually beneficial for all.

Moreover, she explained, faced with the collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system, “there is an urgent need to have a new financial system, a New Bretton Woods system, a new credit system which provides credit for development of all developing countries — these are some of the points which really will be the test of humanity. Can we, faced with such fundamental challenges, give ourselves an order which allows the survival, and happiness, of all people on this planet?”

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