Global Economic Collapse Is Imminent: A New Peace of Westphalia Is Our Last Chance!

The title above was given by Helga Zepp-LaRouche to an article she wrote March 12 for Neue Solidarität, and which is available in English here. In the confrontation between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, she notes, we are now “in uncharted waters”. Depending on how the West reacts, we may end up in “a complete collapse of the global economic and financial system” and possibly “a new world war” or we may, on the contrary, “establish a new paradigm in international relations”. In that respect, the “publication of the Schiller Institute’s new petition calling for a new conference in the tradition of the Peace of Westphalia could not have come more at a more propitious time”.

Western countries commited a “capital error”, in Zepp-LaRouche’s view, in assuming that NATO could continue to expand eastward and to encircle Russia indefinitely, without provoking countermeasures, despite the Kremlin’s countless warnings. In addition to the military escalation, there are the economic sanctions, which is another form of warfare that explicitly aim to destroy “not just Vladimir Putin”, but the entire “Russian system”, as expressed so shamelessly by French Finance Minister Le Maire, but also by Ursula von der Leyen and many White House officials, including by denying it access to advanced technologies. The Kremlin has responded accordingly, by announcing a set of measures to defend the Russian economy (cf. below).

Fortunately, Helga Zepp-LaRouche goes on, more and more nations refuse to go along with the NATO game and several have proposed to act as mediators, such as “Pakistan, India, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, just to name a few”. They are aware of the fact, that even if a major war is avoided, “in the short term, the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia and Belarus, because of rising prices for energy, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. will have catastrophic effects on agriculture and thus on world hunger, which threatens about 400 million people this year” (cf. below).

The danger, Helga Zepp-LaRouche concludes, can only be overcome by “a complete departure from geopolitical confrontation”, and “the establishment of a new international security architecture that takes into account the interests of every nation on this planet”. Therefore, she urges all readers to sign and circulate the Schiller Institute petition cited above. “We urgently need a new model of relations between the nations of this world that makes it possible to tackle the existential problems of humanity together, such as overcoming world hunger and the pandemic, and ensuring energy and raw material security through the development of new technologies such as nuclear fusion and of space science.”

The Schiller Institute petititon, together with a list of representative signers, is here. Please sign and circulate it as widely as possible.

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