“Global Britain” Demands More Divide and Conquer

To understand the profound importance of the document signed by Presidents Xi and Putin on Feb. 4, and why it represents such a dire threat to the modern-day British Empire, it is instructive to read what the Daily Telegraph, a leading mouthpiece of that Empire and the City of London, has to say about it (cf. item above). Under the headline, “Russia and China Rise from Their Knees To Challenge U.S. Dominance,” correspondent Roland Oliphant writes: “At a moment of immense international tension, Russia and China are asserting the arrival of a new geopolitical era. From now on, the dominance of the U.S.-led global West will no longer be taken for granted — or tolerated.”

The article continues: “After decades of humiliation, the world’s autocratic superpowers have risen from their knees and will now up-end the inequitable post-Cold War world order.” It acknowledges that the multiple efforts to turn Russia and China against each other have failed. Unstated, but implied, is that all that is left for the dying British Empire is war, both military and economic warfare, in order to return Russia and China to their knees.

Then, there is the role in promoting tensions played by Chatham House (RIIA) and the Atlantic Council (AC), two close allies among the Anglo-American think tanks, that are both funded by the corporate cartels which make up the modern military industrial complex and have been beating the drums for war.

A commentary posted on Feb. 6 by Frederick Kempe, the President and CEO of the AC, calls the strengthened alliance between Xi and Putin a “tectonic shift in global relations”, before accusing them of “redefining the very meaning of democracy to embrace their repressive systems that censor media, prohibit dissent, lock up political opponents and support like-minded authoritarian systems.” (What about the “undemocratic” treatment by U.S. and U.K. governments of political opponents such as the late Lyndon LaRouche and Julian Assange, one should ask.)

Kempe then reaches a new hysterical level of hyperbole when he compares the Putin-Xi alliance to that of the Axis Powers in World War II! Never since that war, he claims, “have the leading authoritarians…been so strategically aligned or personally close.”

The role of Her Majesty’s secret service in pressing the United States to go for war was also raised – albeit inadvertently – by U.S. State Departement spokesperson Ned Price, in an exchange of several minutes on Feb. 3 with AP correspondent Matt Lee that went viral on Internet. When Price stated that the U.S. has information that Russia “is planning to stage fabricated attacks in Ukraine” as a pretext for military intervention, Lee asked him for evidence of that assertion. After refusing to deliver any, despite Lee’s persistent questions, Price finally blurted out, out of the blue, that it came from the U.K. government as well as from U.S. sources…

To that exchange, Colonel Pat Lang, a retired U.S. military intelligence veteran, responded on his blog on Feb. 4, that the so-called information on Russian false flag operations “reeks of a ‘splendid’ British projet”, passed on to gullible Americans in Washington to manipulate them.

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