Clintel Group Argues To Stop Disinformation, There Is No Climate Emergency

Responding to the massive terror propaganda blaming human activity for the “unprecedented” extreme weather with storms in northern Italy and high temperatures in southern Italy (and southern Europe), the Italian Clintel group issued a statement July 30 refuting the campaign and characterizing climate policies as destructive.

The statement is signed by Uberto Crescenti, Professor Emeritus of Applied Geology, University of Chieti-Pescara (former Rector and President of the Italian Geological Society), President of Clintel-Italy; and by Alberto Prestininzi, Professor of Applied Geology (formerly at La Sapienza University of Rome) and Ambassador for Italy of the Clintel International Foundation. Professor Prestininzi was a speaker at the July 8-9 Schiller Institute conference in Strasbourg (cf. SAS 29, 30-31/23).

Clintel Italy exposes the “unwarranted alarm” over an allegedly man-made climate emergency, which “pollutes consciences, including of high-level policy makers”, who adopt measures deal with risk “with measures that do not even address the problems”. Supporters of climate emergency claim that average global temperature is one degree Celsius higher than it was more than a century ago, which is the cause, they say, of all severe weather events and “deaths from heat waves, drought phenomena, flooding phenomena, and more”.

Therefore, their prescription is: “earmark trillions of taxpayer money and implement the energy transition, the magic word that would be their promise for solving these problems”. Unfortunately, it is precisely the energy transition that has caused problems: through increasing the cost of electricity, it has increased the number of people who cannot afford air conditioning. The statement then insists that drought and floods are not dealt with by solar panels or wind turbines, but by infrastructure (dams, reservoirs, etc.).

The statement concludes by saying: “We at Clintel-Italy stigmatize the illusion of energy transition that is dazzling public opinion and some politicians at the highest levels. We stigmatize the misinformation spread by all the press and mass media organs, which avoid any confrontation on what is the real problem affecting humanity, especially in its weakest components: the availability of abundant and affordable energy. We stigmatize the refusal by those who wield the terror of fake climate alarm to confront the technical-scientific aspects of the alleged alarm raised by them and by the false solutions they propose.”

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