Brazil’s Lula Proposes a Group of Nations to Foster Russia-Ukraine Peace

At a Jan. 30 joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Brasilia, Brazilian President Lula da Silva proposed that a group of nations come together to help Russia and Ukraine find a path towards peace. He said he had discussed the issue both with Scholz and with French President Emmanuel Macron, and intended to discuss it with others.

We need “a club of people who want to achieve peace on the planet”, he said. A group of countries, could be formed that “sit down at the table with Ukraine and Russia to try to find peace, and reach an end to the war.” He specified that “Brazil is ready to make a contribution. I believe China can make an important contribution. I think India can play an important role. I think Indonesia can play an important role… What we have to do is form a group strong enough to be respected at a negotiating table—and sit down with both sides.”

The Brazilian President’s remarks were undoubtedly not appreciated by the German Chancellor, since he did not hold Russia solely responsible for the war, but called for more information to determine the actual reason for the war, recalling that the war in Iraq had been based on lies. Moreover, Lula refused Scholz’ request to send ammunition to Ukraine for the German Leopard tanks to be supplied, saying “Brazil doesn’t want any particpation in this war – not even indirectly”.(In another blow to Olaf Scholz’s mission in South America, Brazil will not join his “climate club”, preferring to organize a “peace club”.)

In commenting President Lula’s proposal on Feb. 1, Helga Zepp-LaRouche expressed her great hope that all countries and forces such as the Vatican, that are fighting for a peaceful solution will come together. “There should not be a competition among them”, but all the initiatives — of Pope Francis, of President Lula, and of President Erdoğan in Turkiye — “should all be lasered into one effort, to try to stop this war, because it is becoming absolutely horrible. The Ukrainians are being slaughtered!”

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