Biden’s Earth Day Bash Meets Growing Resistance to Great Reset

President Joe Biden welcomed 40 world leaders, as well as representatives of the financial world and environmental movements, to his “Leaders Summit on Climate” on April 2223, on the occasion of “Earth Day.” The stated intention of the Biden Administration was to pressure the various countries into achieving their targets for reducing greenhouse emissions even more quickly than now planned. But more fundamentally, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed out in an April 24 article, the aim was to re-establish, after four years of the Trump presidency, “the global leadership role of the United States in the ‘rule-based world order’ defined by Washington itself.” What also became apparent is “just how much the climate issue is being exploited for geopolitical purposes” (cf. below).

Fortunately, all the heads of state and government participating did not agree to submit to such a world order and its clearly Malthusian agenda. Chinese President Xi Jinping, in particular, insisted on the fundamental right of all nations, to sustainable economic and social development. Russia and India as well, as many less developed countries, refuse to sacrifice development to a “false god” of global warming (cf. more below).

A major part of the two-day summit was devoted to the “Great Reset”, a deindustrialzation and depopulation scheme under which the major banks are to cut off credit to countries and companies that emit too much carbon, as we have abundantly covered in our newsletter. Its main purpose in the short term, however, is to create a “green bubble” that will allow the rotten trans-Atlantic financial system to remain afloat a little bit longer. One aspect of this scam presented during the summit was the urgency to expand carbon markets, carbon pricing, and carbon taxing, as laid out by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

The European Union, for one, has been fully on board this ideological scheme since the beginning with its “Green Deal”. The idea now is to impose the same folly on Africa, as urged by European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, on April 23 at the EU-Africa Forum on Green Investment. She claimed that a “Green Deal” should be the “centerpiece” of Africa’s recovery, just at it is in Europe. Brussels is working with the European Investment Bank, she added, to “cover the risk of green investment in Africa”, i.e., to punish investors and governments financially and economically that do not respect the climate change dictates. One can assume that military interventions would also be part of the deal.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche blasted the hypocrisy of such proposals in her article, titled “The Biggest Threat Is Not Climate Change, but Nuclear War and Indifference”. Given that 270 million people in the world are at risk of starvation this year alone, and that poverty has immensely increased, including as a result of the pandemic, it is a sign of complete moral bankruptcy, she wrote, for the West to now attempt and shift onto those same countries the costs of “a scientifically completely untenable climate policy”. The only possible explanation for such horrific indifference “not only of ‘lifestyle greens’, but of the majority of the population”, to so much suffering, she concluded, is that their consciences “died long ago and have become green”.

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