Biden’s Campaign Is in Big Trouble

With the Iowa caucuses, which mark the official beginning of the 2024 presidential campaign, less than two months away, the news for the Democrats has not been good. Poll after poll shows President Biden trailing Donald Trump, who is the likely Republican nominee, even though he faces 91 criminal charges in four upcoming trials. While the polls are close, the problem party officials face is that a majority of those answering disapprove of the job Biden is doing, and the majority of Democrats wish he would step aside.

A sample of the last 17 polls reported tells the story: Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 40%, with 57% disapproval. His support among Arab-Americans, who gave him 59% of their votes in 2020, has plunged to 17%, while Trump is gaining among regular Democratic constituencies, such as Hispanics and African-Americans.

Democratic operatives say that it’s too early to panic, that Biden has two main advantages: the economy is strong, and he is seen as a “steady hand” in foreign policy, especially compared to Trump. They are overlooking two things: first, most Americans have been hit hard by inflation and high interest rates, with some polls finding over two-thirds saying the economy is going in the wrong direction. Second, Biden’s foreign policy, typified by his support for NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, his backing of Netanyahu’s merciless attack on Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and threats against Iran and China, is increasingly seen as a disaster, verging on dangerous.

Popular support for the Ukraine war has fallen, due to the failure of the counter-offensive, and charges of corruption of the Zelensky regime. And polls show that 56% are opposed to his commitment to “full support” for Netanyahu. With demonstrations against the wars building internationally each week, it may become impossible to save Biden’s re-election campaign.

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