Biden Announces Second Summit of Hypocrisy…er, uh….Democracy

On Dec. 9-10, 2021, when Russian President Putin was demanding a response from NATO leaders to what French President Macron now admits were legitimate security concerns, the transatlantic governments ignored the Russian leader, instead gathering for what they ostentatiously called the “Summit for Democracy.” The online summit was used to divide the world into two blocs, of “democracies” squaring off against “autocratic” or “authoritarian states.” This division provided a justification for NATO countries to reject Putin’s demands, insisting they were defending Ukrainian “sovereignty and democracy” against Russia’s authoritarianism.

As the conflict in Ukraine has since turned into a war of NATO against Russia, sponsors of the summit are furious that nations representing the majority of the world’s population have refused to join the NATO-led “democratic” bloc. In this context, President Biden announced on Nov. 30 that a second online summit will convene at the end of March 2023. The stated intent is to evaluate the progress made in fulfilling the “five pillars” of the Summit’s “Initiative for Democracy Renewal” set out at the first summit, and to recommit to the process.

A review of those “five pillars” makes it evident that the only purpose will be to provide a cover to justify continuing the war against the leading designated “authoritarian” regime, Russia, and prepare for war with the other leading designee, China.

The hypocrisy becomes blatantly evident when applying the five pillars to the reality of the fascist regime in post-Maidan Ukraine. For example, as to the first pillar, “Supporting Free and Independent Media”, the Zelensky regime has shut down every opposition media in the country, accusing them of operating on behalf of Putin. Pillar two is “Fighting Corruption”: By every standard, Ukraine repeatedly is identified as the most corrupt regime in Europe.

The remaining three pillars —“Bolstering Democratic Reformers, Advancing Technology for Democracy, Defending Free and Fair Elections and Inclusive Political Processes” – likewise demonstrate the fraud. Kyiv has threatened, jailed or killed reformers who opposed the dictatorial Zelensky regime, outlawed opposition parties, and engaged in hybrid/information warfare through advanced cyber operations to censor, terrorize and murder opponents, employing such NATO-run operations as the Center to Counter Disinformation (CCD).

It should also be obvious that such information warfare techniques are being applied against opponents in every NATO nation, as the truth about the actual intent of NATO’s operations against Russia, and the reasons behind them, are suppressed by pro-NATO psychological warfare operations.

The original idea for the democracy summit emerged from a U.S. State Department policy planning initiative adopted by the Atlantic Council (AC), a “think tank” which defends the London-Washington “unipolar order” with funds from the British and American governments and “military-industrial-financial corporations.

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