Belarus: Brussels Promises Money for Regime Change in Blatant Show of Hypocrisy

Since Belarus President Lukashenko forced a Ryan Air jet to land in the Minsk airport on May 24 and proceeded to have “journalist” Roman Protasevich arrested, trans-Atlantic policitians and media have been falling over one another to denounce the “outrageous”, “inadmissible” violation of international law and human rights by a bloody-thirsty dictator, who must have been acting on the orders of his fellow “totalitarian” Vladimir Putin.

(What those same apparently scandalized sources don’t report, is that the same tactic, which is clearly illegal, had been ordered by U.S. President Obama in July, 2013, when the aircraft carrying Bolivia’s then-President Evo Morales from Moscow to La Paz was forced to land in Vienna, because the White House suspected that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board.)

In any case, the European Union quickly decided to retaliate by imposing more sanctions on Belarus and banning the country’s airlines from using EU airspace and airports. U.S. President Joe Biden also announced sanctions, while British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab declared peremptorily that Lukashenko was unlikely to have acted without the Kremlin’s approval.

But that’s not all. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in a letter to the Belarus opposition that if and when “Belarus embarks on a democratic transition”, the EU would release a “ comprehensive plan of
economic support” of up to €3 billion. Addressing President Lukashenko, she added that “No amount of repression, brutality or coercion will bring any legitimacy to your authoritarian regime.”

One may rightly ask why Ursula von der Leyen feels she has the “democratic” right to decide on who should govern Belarus –or any other country for that matter (including in Europe).

As for the journalist blogger Roman Protasevich, who was arrested on his way to Lithuania from Greece, the Belarus authorities charge him with complicity in a plot to overthrow the duly elected government. While we have no information on that, he does have the profile of an asset of various western intelligence services who worked until last September with the NEXTA project, that organizes protests in Belarus and Russia with the support of Western regime-change networks.

In 2013, he was in Kiev, where he took part in the Maid- an protests, and was later deployed to Eastern Ukraine. He claims he was only acting as a reporter, but he allegedly received military training from the right-wing extremist Azov battalion. According to British war journalist Jake Hanrahan, Protasevich was not directly involved with the neo-nazi Azov batallion, but with a Belarussian unit fighting together with them. All this, of course, is covered up in media here, as it doesn’t fit into the narrative of the regime changers in the West.

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