Background: Follow the Money Trail Behind the Climate Lobby

German Economy Minister and leading member of the Green Party Robert Habeck was finally forced to announce on May 17 the ousting of his state secretary Patrick Graichen, for blatant cronyism. Graichen, the main architect within the ministry of the “energy transition”, played a key role in the web of governmental/non-governmental organizations and banking institutions pushing the so-called Green Deal. The scandal hitting Habeck directly has been useful in focusing public attention on this network.

EIR has just published a dossier on the subject titled (in translation): Stop the Economic Warfare against Germany. One section of it focuses on following the money trail of who is financing the much talked about energy policy think tank “Agora Energiewende”, which the same Graichen used to head. German media have mainly reported on the role of the American co-founder of Agora, Hal Harvey, as the key individual bringing millions of dollars into the think tank. But the EIR dossier focuses on the powerful foundations of the financial and IT oligarchy, of which Harvey is a very active agent. The various foundations, created many decades ago, act as the fondi of these oligarchs, controlling billions of dollars in endowments.

They were pushing, already then, the Malthusian zero population growth campaign, which is the premise of the environmental movement, the deindustrialization policy of the Great Reset and the so-called carbon free economy. Mapped out in the dossier is how these endowment foundations, representing the powerful interests, create so-called “pass through” foundations to do their dirty work, by financing and creating activist organizations such as Agora, which are able to place people both high-up in government and policy-making circles, and among extremists, like the Extinction Rebellion.

While Hal Harvey identifies himself on the Agora board of directors as managing director of Energy Innovations LLC, a for profit environmental consulting firm, he was hired, in 1990 at the age of 30, by some of the most influential foundations (including the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the Oak Foundation,etc.), that hold billions of dollars in endowments. Together, they decided on how to finance the promotion of a fundamental shift in international energy policy toward “energy efficiency” and “sustainability”. In 1991, they created the Energy Foundation, appointing Harvey as its president. Out of this came the Energy Foundation of China, which works to change China’s energy policy.

In 2001, Harvey became program director of the Hewlett Foundation. In 2007, the same group of above-mentioned foundations commissioned a report entitled Design to Win: Philanthropy’s Role in the Fight Against Global Warming, which is a blueprint on how to finance a global campaign for de-industrialization by creating a carbon free economy. That same year, theses same foundations, which now included Bloomberg Philanthropies, Grantham Foundation and others, gave hundreds of millions of dollars to create the U.S.-based ClimateWorks Foundation, appointing again Harvey as its president. They also finance the infamous European Climate Foundation based in The Hague. These in turn created hundreds of smaller pass through foundations and activist organizations, which supported radical groups such as the Extinction Rebellion and Last Generation.

The dossier, in German, can be downloaded free of charge at:

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