Are We Sleepwalking into Thermonuclear World War III?

The Schiller Institute issued on Dec. 31 a lengthy memorandum with the above title, which gives an overview over the last 30 years of the buildup of NATO forces against Russia. Today, it notes, Ukraine is being used by geopolitical forces in the West “as the flashpoint to trigger a strategic showdown with Russia,” which could well end up in a thermonuclear war “which no one would win, and none would survive.”

The conditions laid out by Moscow in the two draft treaties it proposes are neither outrageous nor irrational, the memo notes, they are basically “the same verbal guarantees the Soviet Union was given in 1990 by the duplicitous Bush and Thatcher governments, guarantees that have been systematically violated ever since.” The timeline in the memorandum goes through those violations. It can be read at

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