Are They Seriously Considering a Nuclear World War?

On Sept. 13, the government of Ukraine presented its proposed Kiev Security Compact, which demands NATO Article 5-type guarantees for Ukraine. That means, concretely, that NATO should directly deploy its full military might against Russia, on Ukraine’s behalf. The document was drafted by a working group on security co-chaired by Ukraine’s Chief of the Presidential Office Andrii Yermak and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Other unnamed “Western experts, including former and acting politicians and scientists” also participated in the working group, according to press accounts. 

Just one week before, on Sept. 7, the commander in chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, had co-authored a shocking article published on the Ukrainian news site Ukrinform, which claimed that there were indications that Russia was preparing a nuclear strike in Ukraine. Therefore, it is “extremely necessary … [that] any Russian attempts at practical steps in the use of tactical nuclear weapons must be preempted by employing the entire arsenal of means at the disposal of world powers.”

The entire arsenal of means” clearly includes nuclear weapons. As EIR noted at the time, “such an outrageously dangerous and provocative article could never have been written, let alone published, without the prior approval of the U.S., U.K. and NATO forces running the war.”

This article appeared one day before the meeting at the U.S. Air Base in Ramstein, Germany, of the Ukraine Contact Group Meeting, which pledged more and better weapons for Ukraine, and was timed with the offensive by Kiev’s armed forces, planned and coordinated with NATO (cf. SAS 37/22).

Then, last weekend, the Atlantic Council, Washington-based think tank funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NATO, and the U.S. State Department, and which has played a leading role in openly promoting war against both Russia and China — published a Memo to the President of the United States calling for precisely that policy of preemptive nuclear warfare. The author, Matthew Kroenig, writes that if the U.S. fails to “deter” Russia from using a nuclear weapon, the third option would be to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia!

We cannot repeat often enough that behind this talk of nuclear war by growing numbers of the so-called Western elite, rather than seeking a reasonable, negotiated settlement between Ukraine and Russia and, beyond that, the implementation of a new global security initiative, is the breakdown collapse of the transatlantic financial system, which represents the basis of their own power.

FLASH: The news came in, as we had finished this newsletter, that four regions in eastern and southern Ukraine will hold referendums within a few days on joining the Russian Federation. This will likely multiply the calls for nuclear strikes from among the lunatics.

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