An Appeal to the Citizens of the Global North from Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Shortly before the opening of the BRICS Summit, the chairwoman of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued a call to on Aug. 19 to citizens of the Global North to “support the construction of a New Just World Economic Order”. Her statement begins:

The summit of the BRICS countries, which will take place from August 22-24 in Johannesburg, South Africa despite all Western attempts to disrupt it, will demonstrate to the whole world that a new world economic order has emerged, opening a new chapter in human history. Nations of the Global South, which already represent the vast majority of the world’s population, are expressing their effective resolve to end forever the past period of some 600 years of colonialism, and to establish an economic system that encourages the sovereign, equitable development of all states of this earth, the elimination of poverty, and the creation of a decent standard of living for all. We, the citizens of the Global North, must wholeheartedly welcome this development and support it through practical cooperation!

A correct analysis of how this tectonic change in the strategic situation came about is essential. This formation of a new economic model is not the result of the work of ‘Russian trolls’ or ‘Chinese aggression,’ as the mainstream media would have us believe. Rather, it is the result of a huge strategic miscalculation by forces primarily in the USA and Great Britain, which, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, mistakenly saw themselves as the victors of the Cold War, and derived from this the license to impose their neoliberal economic model on a unipolar world, and to bring the various methods of ‘regime change’ to bear upon all governments who do not want to conform to this ‘rules-based order’…

Helga Zepp-LaRouche then reviews the historic realignment which has occurred over the ensuing decades up to today.

Attempting to maintain the long-defunct unipolar world will almost certainly lead to World War III, to which we have come dangerously close with the situation in Ukraine, where the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive has exhausted the conventional dimension of the war, so that only ending the war through diplomatic negotiations, or escalating to the use of nuclear weapons, remain as options. The notion that the West must ‘decouple’ from China and the BRI’s sphere of influence, or engage in ‘risk reduction’ to use the new, ridiculous formulation, would lead not only to economic self-destruction as in the case of Germany, but this notion also leads to war. For the splitting of the world into two completely separate blocs — a US-dominated, global NATO bloc that continues to cling to the model of the casino economy, and an economically fast-growing bloc of the Global South around the BRICS countries — would not remain peaceful, either.

There is only one sure way to resolve the many existential crises that exist around the world: Instead of viewing and opposing the new economic model of the BRICS countries as an antagonist, it is in the self-interest of the nations of the Global North to cooperate with this emerging New World Economic Order and to jointly tackle the daunting task of overcoming poverty and underdevelopment…

The emergence of this new economic order, Helga Zepp-LaRouche points out, is not only long overdue for Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is also the means by which the so-called developed nations can re-launch their own ailing economies.

Please sign the appeal here.

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