A View from Switzerland: Who Are the War Planners behind Biden?

Sitting inside the National Security Council of the United States is an inter-agency task force called the “Tiger Team”, which has been planning the current conflict in Ukraine since at least last November. This was revealed by Swiss security expert Jacques Baud, a retired Colonel in the Army, in an interview on the Swiss website Zeitgeschehen im Fokus.  Baud gives a comprehensive review of the ongoing crisis and the aggressive anti-Russian policies of the U.S. and NATO. He draws a parallel between the Biden Administration’s intentions today and the George W. Bush Administration’s generation of lies to justify the war against Iraq.

“From early February, the US repeatedly said the Russians were about to attack”, Baud wrote. “They spread scenarios of an attack. Antony Blinken spoke to the UN Security Council and explained how the Russian attack would play out, saying he knew that from the intelligence services. This is reminiscent of the situation in 2002/2003 before the attack on Iraq. Here, too, one allegedly relied on the analysis of the secret services, but that was not the case. Because the CIA was not convinced of the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So Rumsfeld wasn’t relying on the CIA…

“In relation to Ukraine, Blinken did exactly the same. That is seen in the fact that no one from the CIA has commented on it…. Everything Blinken said came from a group he had formed himself within his department — a so-called Tiger Team. The scenarios presented to us are not based on intelligence. So-called experts invented a certain scenario with a political agenda. That’s where the rumor came from that the Russians would attack. Joe Biden said he knew the Russians would attack on February 16. When asked how he knew, he replied that the US has good intelligence capabilities. He made no mention of the CIA or national intelligence….”

Instead of a Russian attack on Ukraine on Feb. 16, Baud went on, “we saw on that day an extreme increase in ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian military along the ceasefire line, the so-called contact line…” All of which was logged by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Baud pointed to the massive Ukrainian military buildup along the line of contact and the earlier announcement by President Zelensky of his intention to retake the Crimea militarily. The last straw for the Russians was the announcement by Zelensky that Ukraine was considering acquiring nuclear weapons, made on February 19 at the Munich Security Conference. Then, and only then, did Putin decide to intervene militarily.

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