Which Galaxy Are Western Leaders Living In?

European Union leaders met in Brussels on March 22 to discuss, apparently very seriously, the possibilities of sending NATO troops to Ukraine to confront Russia, following the proposal launched a few weeks ago by an obviously unhinged French President Macron. The sheer folly of such a discussion was underscored by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the sidelines of the summit: “If a NATO country enters into military operations against Russia, it will mean the start of World War III”, he warned. “What seemed absurd and unthinkable two months ago, has now become a reality; this is what they call the spiral of war.” He added about the meeting with his colleagues: “I feel like I have arrived in another galaxy.”

On this particular subject, Viktor Orbán is right. The dominant policy among the Western elites is to confront Russia and China on all fronts — up to and including nuclear war. The rhetoric about preparing for total war, militarizing the economy and “stopping Vladimir Putin by all means”, is spouted by nearly every political leader and the mainstream media.

The official deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine is proposed, delivery of the Taurus missile would allow Kyiv to strike Moscow, oil refineries deep inside Russia and other targets are hit with Western weapons, backed by Western targeting and guidance, and open Western approval, and talk of provoking Russia to the nuclear threshold is heard.

Then on March 22, a heinous terrorist attack killed nearly 140 Russians attending a concert near Moscow. Whoever the immediate terrorists turn out to be, it is well-documented that such capabilities, and the motives, are also to be found in Western intelligence agencies, especially in Londonistan. Moreover, the close ties between ISIS fighters, international terrorist mercenaries and Ukrainian neonazi extremists have been well documented since at least the 2014 uprising on the Maidan.

Another aspect of the folly in “the other galaxy” is the financial and economic warfare being waged by Wall Street and the City of London against the BRICS nations, and any country in the Global South that would break free of the bankrupt trans-Atlantic system’s looting and speculation. South Africa is threatened with U.S. sanctions for daring to denounce Israeli genocide in Gaza. The IMF and the international banks are attacking Ethiopia and Egypt, two new members of the BRICS (cf. below). Chinese banks are being blackmailed with the prospect of U.S. sanctions if they continue to finance Chinese-Russian trade. And Saudi Arabia is specially targeted to pull it away from the BRICS, and into recognition of Israel, so as to then take on Iran.

Therefore, an extraordinary mobilization is required now to stop the unthinkable from occurring, as laid out in the IPC call below.

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