What Ukrainian Democracy?

Lost in all the chatter about “defending Ukrainian democracy” coming from officials in the U.S. and U.K. governments and spokesmen for the European Union is a simple reality that these fraudsters are doing their best to keep hidden: the post-coup governments of Ukraine — including that of Zelensky — have moved to silence all domestic opposition, by shutting down press and media which do not parrot the NATO line, and by banning opposition political parties. Whether such a totalitarian policy of crushing all opposition is allowed to stand was challenged before the Ukraine Supreme Court on Sept. 27, when a hearing took place on the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine’s motion appealing the ban imposed by the Ministry of Justice. The Supreme Court upheld the ban.

The PSPU drafted a detailed statement, publicized in English translation by the Schiller Institute, which exposes the corrupt actions deployed against them (Ukrainian Democracy Needs to Be Defended by the Supreme Court Against the Government’s Dictatorship).

Accused by the government of being “anti-Ukraine, pro-Russia”, the PSPU offices were raided in 2016 and documents seized, and leaders of the party have been subjected to threats and intimidation since then. In particular, the statement makes clear that the charges against them are a violation of Article 15 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which prohibits applying a law retroactively. In this case, the charges against the party refer to actions which were not illegal prior to the passage of new laws, which were then applied to past actions. The statement also argues that the prosecution of the PSPU violates the Ukrainian Constitution.

On Sept. 15, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling which banned the Opposition Platform — For Life Party (OPFL). This was the leading opposition party, receiving 13% of the vote in the 2019 elections and winning 44 seats in the Rada (Parliament), before it was banned. Its leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, was imprisoned until his release in a prisoner swap with Russia this week.

The PSPU statement concludes by stating, “If the Supreme Court does not overturn the ruling…we believe that will mark the end of democracy in Ukraine.” The Supreme Court did not overturn the ruling, but don’t expect to hear any protests from the faux democrats using the government of Ukraine and its people as a battering ram against Russia. While Ukrainian government agencies are engaged in violent threats against, and executions of those deemed to be opponents of the regime, not only have NATO and EU officials been silent, but have been involved in the planning sessions to carry out these measures, in the name of “countering disinformation” (cf. SAS 31-36/22).

The complicity in such un-democratic tactics makes a mockery of the claims by NATO and EU officials that its citizens should be willing to “freeze for democracy” this winter.

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