Western Summit Promotes Green Swindle to Counter China’s Belt and Road

The two major points served up in the final communique of the G7 relate to economic/environmental policy and strategic issues: promotion of a “Clean Green Initiative” to counter China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI); and a strategic alliance to counter the “malign intent” of China and Russia, accused of using cyber-warfare and military threats, among other weapons, to disrupt the democracies.

The former is premised on a financial swindle including carbon bonds and offsets, that is intended to generate a new bubble to support collapsing western banks, financial institutions and corporations. The Americans call it the “Build Back Better” initiative. However, it is not acceptable to nations which include the majority of the world’s population. The pledge of funds from member nations, and from “private” funds, will primarily go into the “Great Reset” promoted by the Davos billionaires, ostensibly to fight climate change. But it will do nothing to promote development in poorer nations, unlike what the BRI is doing.

As to their strategic alliance, which was also taken up in Brussels on June 14, it is largely based on expanding NATO into a global “political military” alliance, to deter the Chinese and Russian from attempting to establish competing empires to theirs (cf. SAS 23/21). It intends to expand its ability, by 2030, to intervene everywhere in the world, not only with military means, but also to counter perceived cyber-threats and even the effects of “climate change”. (Recall in that light that the head of Britain’s MI6 recently announced that His Majesty’s secret service was prepared to act as a global climate police force.)

Just as with the “clean green initiative”, NATO’s plan for global domination will not work, but it could definitely esca late existing tensions and lead to a devastating world war.

In commenting on the posturing done in Cornwall and Brussels, China’s Global Times wrote that the G7 is not in a confrontation with China, but with reality, and with their own populations. Rather than defending “western values”, the G7 leaders gathered to protect rule by the few, and the fortunes made by those benefiting from their schemes –and reports leaking out indicate there was some unease with this approach even within the Club, from Germany, Italy and Japan.

This is especially evident relating to the attacks on China, which were somewhat toned down from what Joe Biden had insisted, given the concern that a more forceful condemnation might affect trade relations with one of the few economies in the world which has continued to grow. (See more below on EU-China relations.)

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