Western-Run “Disinformation Center” Worried about Schiller Institute Influence

Four times in less than one week, Schiller Institute activities have been attacked as “promoters of Russian narratives” by Kiev’s Center for Countering Disinformation, which is run out of President Zelenskyy’s National Security and Defense Council but is closely linked to NATO. After launching a broadside against Col. Richard Black for an interview he gave to EIR’s Mike Billington (which now has upwards of 600,000 views – cf. SAS 18/22), it came out with a nasty slander on Helga Zepp-LaRouche on May 25.

Clearly upset at the leading role she and the Schiller Institute are playing in organizing support for a new international security and development architecture, as the only way to stop the drive for war, the CCD accuses them of spreading “Russian disinformation,” for exposing the culpability of NATO’s eastward march over three decades in provoking the current conflict in Ukraine. In subsequent posts, the Center likewise disparaged the four other participants in the May 26 SI webinar (cf. above).

The CCD was set up from the outset as a NATO-run “international hub” for information warfare, and then made official in April 2021, in a meeting in Kiev with government officials, the heads of the NATO and EU missions in Ukraine, and ambassadors of the G7 countries.

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