Western Governments Are Falling Like Skittles

What do Boris Johnson, Mario Draghi and Kaja Kallas have in common? The Prime Ministers of Britain, Italy and Estonia have been the most pro-war, pro-Nato government leaders (along with the EU Commission) in Europe – and all three of them have fallen or are falling. Boris Johnson has resigned as party leader and thus automatically from the PM office, and is just biding time until the Conservatives elect his successor. Mario Draghi would be already an “ex”, were it not for State President Mattarella and the joint financial markets that want him to remain and make one last attempt to find an alternative majority. Estonia’s Kaja Kallas put together a new majority after the old one disintegrated under the pressure of the economic crisis (inflation is at 22%), but won’t survive long.

What of the other cheerleaders for sanctions against Russia and weapons to the Kiev regime? The Dutch government, another member of the hawkish group, is completely paralyzed by a popular revolt and Emmanuel Macron must come to terms with the new Parliament where a majority is against his policy.

Price inflation, the energy crisis and last but not least, the fear of a general war: the chickens are coming home to roost. One could use the famous quip “It’s the economy, stupid”, of James Carville, campaign manager for Bill Clinton in 1992, to signify that in democracies, governments are overthrown by economic crises.

Nemesis is at work. Take Mario Draghi: the man who masterminded the financial sanctions against Moscow (cf. SAS 15-16/22), and whose Quantitative Easing is the prime responsible for inflation is now falling from the backlash against his own policies.

And what about the German government? The first cracks in the coalition have emerged with the FDP demanding the suspension of the decommissioning of the three remaining nuclear reactors, planned for the end of the year, and a recent poll in Germany shows that over 60% of the population is against an energy embargo against Russia, a percentage that will certainly grow if the government proceeds, as announced, with gas and electricity rationing in the next weeks and months.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche has again called for lifting the sanctions against Moscow. If governments really care about those “Western values” they harp on, they should admit that sanctions have failed and are damaging their own citizens more than Russia, which is converting its economy (cf. below).

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