Vernadsky’s Living Legacy: Developing the Universe

The Schiller Institute held an international (online) symposium Nov. 12, titled, “The Physical Economy of the noösphere: Reviving the Heritage of Vladimir Vernadsky” (cf. SAS 45/22), dedicated to the mission of the great Russian-Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945). The two panel event featured presentations by 13 scientists, engineers and policymakers from six naitons (U.S., Russia, Italy, Germany, South Africa and Egypt) and live discussions periods.

The first panel delved into the fundamental scientific work of Vernadsky, in particular his concept of the noösphere, or how the sphere of human thought works as a force shaping the physical domain. Examples of this were given in the second panel, on the management of water projects, with a special emphasis on Africa.

Coinciding with the COP27 conference in Egypt, the Schiller Institute event presented conclusive refutations of the Malthusian, anti-development, and profoundly anti-human theses of the “climate change” lobby, acting in the interests of the financial oligarchy.

The videos of the two panels can be viewed here, and excerpts of the proceedings will be published in Executive Intelligence Review.

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