U.S.: The Strategic Importance of the Diane Sare Campaign for Senate

The arrogant belief of the American establishment that the United States is the leading example of “democracy” is being exposed by the candidacy of Diane Sare for the U.S. Senate seat held by Democratic Majority leader Charles Schumer. While State Department and Treasury officials travel the world lecturing about democratic values, the treatment of Sare, who is on the ballot as the Independent LaRouche candidate, tells a far different story.

Having overcome a last minute change which drastically increased the number of signatures required to become a candidate — Sare filed more than 66,000 signatures of New Yorkers — her campaign has faced a general media blackout. Most significant is her exclusion from the one scheduled debate, which is to be held on Oct. 30.

Why has she been excluded? The main reason is to prevent her from warning of the danger of nuclear war, and from mobilizing people against it.

Even worse, she has been placed on a hit list of targets described as “Information Terrorists” by a Ukrainian Security and Defense operation (CCD) and by the website Mirotvorets, which has led to the murder of some on the list, who are then identified as “liquidated.” Her opponent, Sen. Schumer, in addition to being a leading advocate for this war has specifically demanded American taxpayer funding for Ukrainian government operations, some of which goes to the forces behind the hit lists. In other words, as former military intelligence officer Scott Ritter, who has supported Sare’s campaign, described it, Charles Schumer is using a “foreign proxy” to silence a political opponent, due to her opposition to the war.

The excuse for her exclusion given by Spectrum News, which is sponsoring the debate, is that Sare has not demonstrated a level of support in the polls which reaches their standard of 15%. But the Sare campaign discovered that her name was not even included as one of three choices in the polls used by Spectrum, making it impossible for her to qualify.

Keeping Sare out of the debate, and out of the media, means that neither Schumer nor his squishy Republican opponent, TV personality Joe Pinion, have to answer any questions about Washington’s role in using Ukraine to provoke Russia, or in persuading President Zelensky not to negotiate an end to the war, or in the potential emergence of a broader, more dangerous conflict.

Finally, Schumer is being protected from having to answer for his role in allying with Nazi thugs in the Ukrainian defense and security forces to threaten with assassination his American opponents. While Sare recently quipped that, based on her exclusion, one can conclude that “I am the most terrifying political candidate in the state,” Ritter pointed out that this is not a laughing matter.

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