The West’s Flight Forward against Russia

Despite all the military equipment, advisers and money pumped into NATO’s war against Russia for the past two years, Ukraine has no chance of winning. A reality acknowledged by virtually all Western observers, even if most leaders won’t admit it publicly. Instead, they escalate the rhetoric against Russia, and President Putin in particular. While American aid to Kyiv has been significantly reduced, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Secretary Lloyd Austin told the House Armed Services Committee on Feb. 29 that, “quite frankly, if Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will be in a fight with Russia”.

French President Emmanuel Macron created an uproar Feb. 26 at a conference with high-level representatives of 20 EU nations called to increase support for Ukraine, when he stated that “sending troops on the ground cannot be excluded”, since “we must do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning”. Although virtually all other leaders immediately rejected the proposal, Macron doubled down on Feb. 29, telling journalists his meant what he said. Even his Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné disagrees, telling France Inter that “we will not send troops”. (Presumably, other countries are supposed to supply the soldiers who will die on the battlefield.) As Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico pointed out after that conference, “not a single word was said about any peace plan”.

Then on March 1 came the leaked recording of a phone conversation among top German military leaders discussing the potential use of German Taurus cruise missiles to carry out an attack on the Kerch Strait Bridge linking Crimea to the Russian mainland, as well as other targets on Russian territory, including arms depots. The German Defense Ministry confirmed the authenticity of the recording. The generals incidentally reveal that American, British and French personnel are already on the ground in Ukraine training nationals to use the shorter-range missiles provided. However, Chancellor Scholz unambiguously declared that no Taurus missiles would be delivered to Kyiv despite the pressure (cf. below).

Vladimir Putin responded to the threat of NATO troops being sent to Ukraine as well as weapons to be used to hit the Russian territory by stating on Feb. 29 that “what they are doing now to scare the whole world, risks a conflict with nuclear weapons which means the destruction of civilization. Do they understand this, or what?” Apparently, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana has not. He commented that Putin was only bluffing, expressing “the logic of psychological intimidation” and not “real intentions”.

Overall, Moscow’s warnings have been recklessly dismissed by the “Utopian” faction in the West, which clings to the illusion that Russia can be defeated, and after that China as well, and that the “unipolar world” will rule victorious.

The same perverted thinking is visible in the policy toward South-West Asia, where the last shred of credibility of the transatlantic world is being destroyed not only by the support for genocide, but by the absence of serious perspectives for peace. In that respect, China is actively organizing diplomatic initiatives for both regions. If “the West” doesn’t want to bolster China’s influence in the world, now is the time it should radically change policies….

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