The Schwab-Windsor Duo Declares 2021 “The Year Zero”

One can only hope that the proposition to make 2021 the birth year of the Malthusian “Great Reset scheme”, as promoted by the “Duo Infernale” Klaus Schwab-Charles Windsor, will be stopped by a popular revolt. The two partners in crime have expressed their views in New Year’s articles and interviews, gloating about the progress achieved in 2020 and the positive (from their standpoint) strategic shift represented by the Biden Presidency in the United States.

In an article published by Project Syndicate on Jan. 1, Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum introduced the concept of a “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” to replace neoliberalism. Indeed, the neoliberal economic model has been such a blatant failure that even he and his co-thinkers can no longer deny it. He writes : “The pandemic has reminded us that we cannot aim solely for higher GDP and profits, on the assumption that maximizing these indicators automatically redounds to the benefit of society. A renewed focus on public health, net-zero pledges and the arrival of Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics will ensure that 2021 will be a new ‘year Zero’” –presumably meaning a completely new start toward a world of zero net carbon emissions.

He notes that “while COVID 19 delivered the final blow [to neoliberalism] it has been clear for at least two decades that the post- war model is no longer sustainable, environmentally or socially (owing to today’s sky-high levels of inequality).” When people like Schwab speak of “inequality”, one should be highly suspicious. This socialist-sounding rhetoric covers the most radical deindustrialization policy ever conceived, which would produce mass poverty and unprecedented inequalities.

The key stakeholder in Schwab’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics is presented as “the Planet”, which he and his friends, Prince Charles (Windsor), Mark Carney and others, claim they want to save.

With the EU governments, now likely joined by a Biden Administration, supporting a scheme to massively subsidize the “decarbonization of the economy”, it is no wonder that an increasing number of corporations have joined the Great Reset/ green agenda. Prince Charles underscored the “complete change of approach” of companies and investors during 2020 in a Dec. 29 interview with Margaret Atwood on BBC Radio. Although the private sector has contributed to ravaging the environment for decades, he said it “is now a necessary and critical part of the solution.”

Then, he went into his kooky “nature” schtick: “It is high time we paid more attention to … the wisdom of indigenous communities and First Nations people all around the world. We can learn so much from them as to how we can re-right the balance, and start to rediscover a sense of the sacred, because… Mother Nature is our sustainer.”

Recall that this is coming from the heir to the British Monarchy, the House of Windsor, whose fortune and empire were built on the exploitation of indigenous peoples, on keeping them poor, uneducated and under-developed so as to better loot them. That was certainly not the fault or the design of “Mother Nature”…

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