The Real Issue Behind Germany’s Trans-Gender Draft Law

Apparently at the urging of the Green coalition partner, the German cabinet approved draft legislation two weeks ago, which would make it easier for juveniles under the age of 18 to legally change their gender and their first name. Up to the age of 14, the parents or legal guardians would simply have to file the relevant declaration at the registry office to effect the change. From 14 to 17, the teenagers could file it themselves, but the legal guardians would have to consent to the change. Should they refuse, the youth could ask a family court to overrule them. From age 18 and up, Germans would have the freedom to change their gender upon request.

Furthermore, the draft legislation makes it theoretically possible for those who wish to do so, to change their status as often as they want – but only once a year. Medical experts, including professional surgeons, have voiced concerns that this “returner” pattern could have severe negative impacts on the health of such persons.

This text, prepared by the Family Ministry which is headed by a Green, represents an important modification of the 1981 law, which requires a psychological assessment by two experts and a court authorization before any such legal change is approved. The draft legislation will now be submitted to the Bundestag, whose approval is necessary to make it law.

As for trans-gender surgery, it is not addressed in the draft. However, official data shows there was an increase of cases from 419 in the year 2007 to 2598 in 2021, a significant rise but still a tiny part of the German population.

However, since the issue of gender change affects very few people, the question is why, with the complicity of the mainly pro-change mainstream media, it is given so much space in the public debate. One aspect of the motive of the Green Party is to give a greater say to juveniles, as a prelude to lowering the legal voting age from the current level of 18 to 16, if not younger. Given that voter support for the Greens is declining rapidly, their focus on the youth implies that they hope to attract younger, and presumably more naïve constituencies.

But there is also a much more insidious aspect to the debate. Young people are already bombarded, via social media, video games, etc., with infantilizing themes and images, including tons of apocalyptic “green” nonsense, that are meant to distract them from concentrating on the political, economic and scientific issues that are crucial for the future of all of humanity. Becoming obsessed with one’s own biology, rather than focusing on the development of one’s mind and one’s creativity, is thus a huge step in the direction of decadence.

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