Swiss Weekly Asks: “Are We Governed by Lunatics?”

A sober assessment of the current danger was given in the Swiss weekly Weltwoche, in a Sept. 23 editorial by Roger Köppel. After reviewing the evolution of the confrontation with Russia, up to the acute danger we face today, Köppel notes that “The more the Americans and the Europeans get caught up in their feverish spiral of aggression, the longer, more global and more dangerous this war will become.”

In his view, Europe would have to lead the way to peace, “restrain the Biden administration, set limits to the Ukrainians with their much-filmed charisma President Zelenskyy, who could fall victim to the Messiah syndrome. Risking a world war against Russia is madness. Peace negotiations are called for. Our politicians, our elites, our media are doing the opposite. They are racing full throttle to the wall. And have been for years now, demonstrably so.”

On the geopolitical level, he charges further, our governments “have risked a nuclear war against Russia, not because Putin is crazy, but because they don’t take the Russians seriously, probably because of deep-seated racist prejudices, treat them disparagingly, and don’t give a damn about their interests, while, power-hungry and self-intoxicated, they put their own interests above everything else….

The demonization of Russia and Putin has become a substitute for thought and program, whipping up their own blindness and the general arrogance that blocks their view and the path to realism and peaceful coexistence.”

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