Solidarité et Progrès VP Exposes Tony Blair on CGTN

Karel Vereycken, the vice-president of the French Solidarité et Progrès party, gave a three-minute live interview on Afghanistan last week to the “Asia Today” program on CGTN’s English-language channel. While supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country, Vereycken urged the European Union to “break with the war party and NATO which fomented bloody wars in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, causing migrants to leave.

The EU should publicly denounce former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the financial interests he represents. Blair, who lied us into several wars, had the guts to claim that Biden’s decision to “end endless wars” is ‘imbecilic.’.”

Concerning the threat of an upsurge in extremism with the Taliban, Vereckyen noted that the only efficient way to combat miliant threats is through mutual development. “The worst thing now would be to go into a logic of sanctions against the Taliban. We can mark red lines, but if we want them to act positively, it is in our interest to help them develop their country.”

International diplomatic efforts, he said, including by the G20, should “map out the reconstruction of basic infrastructures for energy, transportation and water management. The eradication of the opium crops and its replacement with modern agriculture, is another subject of common interest and so is the TAPI project to bring natural gas from Turkmenistan to India, via Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Will it be expensive? People should be reminded that the cost of a single day of war was higher than the cost of educating all the children of Afghanistan during an entire year.”

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