Sergey Glazyev Recognizes in Lyndon LaRouche a “Very Profound Thinker of Our Time”

Russian economist Sergey Glazyev has been familiar with the economic work of Lyndon LaRouche for decades now, and shares his view of the need to develop the real economy and social wealth, as opposed to financial speculation and unbridled deregulation. After serving as an advisor to President Putin on regional economic integration from 2012 to 2019, Glazyev is now Minister in Charge of Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union, where he is actively promoting the implementation of new monetary and financial arrangements, including with China, that bypass the dollar-based system and specifically direct credit to productive investments. He is convinced that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and the European Union offer a good occasion to ramp up industrial production and boost economic activity.

On June 27, he posted the following statement on his Telegram account “Glazyev for thinking people”, (as translated from the Russian):

“A quarter of a century ago Lyndon LaRouche, a very profound thinker of our time, contended that a crash of the western financial system, which was built upon financial pyramids and bubbles, a general write-off of debts, and a zeroing-out of derivatives, were inevitable. He called for creating a new financial system, servicing the requirements of expanded reproduction of the real economy.”

Sergey Glazyev, who is also an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, drafted a eulogy for Mr. LaRouche following his death in 2019 in the Russian newspaper Zaftra, translated by EIR and published here.

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